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Accept payment from international customers easily with our flexible solutions for online merchants

PayPax is one of the most flexible ans powerful online payment services for apps in-app purchases and online stores. This service offers the widest range of payment methods from around the world.

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Support for the widest range of online payment methods

PayPax offers the widest range of payment solutions through valid service providers allowing you to serve the maximum number of customers. Supporting 15 online payment methods in more than 150 countries with more than 50 different currencies enables you to accept a wider range of customers from around the world.

Customizable checkout page

To gain the trust of customers by customizing the payment page, PayPax allows you to customize your checkout page with your brand name and logo.

You can now have your logo and your store name on your payment page.

You can also define the available payment methods for your payment gateway.

Using the technology to offer simplified payment process

To simplify the payment process, the location of the customer is detected and the payment page will be automatically displayed in the customer's language and currency.

Also, the payment amount will be displayed in the customer's currency based on their location.

Transfer to other payment systems

You can withdraw money from your account and transfer it to other payment systems such as, credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Money and other valid payment systems.

Protection and security for payments

PayPax does its best to offer the highest level of protection for the payment process.

PayPax Fraud Protection technology implements Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to detect payments from stolen or fake cards with fake location to offer comfort for you and for your customers in the online payment process.

You can also activate PayPax offline payment services to offer the payment process to your customers by PayPax support teams after verification and authentication via phone calls.