Universal payment gateway for your business

There is no need to get multiple payment gateways for your business to handle purchases from around the world.

By using PayPax universal payment gateway services you can be a universal merchant and offer all of the well-known payment gateways at one place.

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Best solution for both small and big businesses

If you want to start your small business, you can easily get a universal payment gateway that supports many payment proccessors without wasting your time.
In addition, if you have a big business you already know it well that having an online payment gateway that can be used universally is a valuable tool for your business.

Lowest fees but more features
PayPax services are offered at the cheapest fees and with more features that you can expect from other payment proccessors.
You can develop your global bussiness while you have the best payment solution at service for your customres.
A variaty of methods can be accepted by you

By using PayPax payment gateway in your online store or your e-commerce bussiness, your customres can
pay by a variaty of methods like using credit card (Visa, Mastercard,etc.), PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin (a well-known cyptocurrency) and even using their PayPax account balance.

Easy to maintain and easy to use

You can get your gateway by registering in PayPax website and providing the required documents.
As fast as possible, your request will be proccessed and your gateway will be activated.
No matter what your CMS or website structure is, you can use PayPax strong api feature to use your gateway in your website.

Data protection is our first priority

All of the transactions are procceseed in the most secure way possible.
PayPax Fraud Protection technology implements Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to detect payments from stolen or fake cards with fake location to offer comfort for you and for your customers in the online payment process.
You can also activate PayPax offline payment services to offer the payment process to your customers by PayPax support teams after verification and authentication via phone calls

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