PayPax is a public service offered to users with their own consent that aims at simplifying transactions and offering services to webmasters, developers, and online service provides on the internet that focuses on providing a secure and reliable mean for online payments between customers and service providers.

Registering on PayPax website and using its services means you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service including all its articles and terms.

It is recommended that you regularly check our Terms of Service for changes and updates.

When there is an update, changes and updates will be provided on the website and they will also be sent to PayPax users in the form of an email.

Account types

There are two general types of services offered by PayPax. Depending on your need, you can choose between the Basic and the Business accounts.

Basic accounts are fit for daily online payments or freelancer activities. You can have all your financial transactions and online payments through PayPax payment gateway just by having a PayPax wallet.

Business accounts are fit for users who would like to develop websites for online services. It is also suitable for programming and those online stores whose services do not violate PayPax Terms of Use.

These two types of accounts can offer online payment gateways which are customizable and they can be used for websites, stores, or applications. As for the payment methods offered by PayPax payment gateway, aside from the payment system with PayPax wallet, there is also the ability to pay with different types of credit cards and valid payment methods.

Data that PayPax collects

To offer security and better services, PayPax collects users’ identification data including name and last name, email address, IP and device data on the registration step. Later, PayPax collects identification data such as personal information and residential address to match it with users ID cards and verify their accounts to prevent possible violations and threats.

PayPax boasts its absolute seriousness in keeping users’ confidential data private and makes sure the collected data will be inaccessible. Only a few trusted PayPax personnel access the data for matching the provided information on the user account and the sent documents. Checking users’ documents is for offering better services and providing users with a verified PayPax ID.

The ability to terminate an account permanently is also available on PayPax. After you submit a request for account deletion, your account will be deleted and in case there are no unsettled complaint reports on your account, your account including all your personal data will be permanently deleted after a month.

PayPax ID Card

PayPax ID Card is a virtual identification card which is offered to PayPax users to gain their customers’ trust. This ID Card is in the form of a public link and includes:

However, contact information such as email address, telephone number, website and residential address will be kept in private mode on user’s profile and will not be displayed for other users.

Note: Please pay extra attention to the type of information you provide on your PayPax ID Card as the user him/herself is responsible for displaying this type of information.

PayPax guarantees information on any PayPax ID Card with the Verified seal. However, PayPax does not guarantee the information provided on unverified ID Cards to be correct.

Information and the score on a verified PayPax account can the best criteria for trusting PayPax users.

Permitted uses of PayPax services

You can use PayPax services to transfer money to family and friends and to sell and offer products to your customers in the defined limits. But the services that you offer must not be included in prohibited PayPax services.

Services that are prohibited on PayPax
Narcotic, psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs and substances

Selling products and services in relation to using Psychotropic drugs and narcotics and all their affiliates.

Tobacco and smoking products

Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses; sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid; online pharmacies; age restricted goods or services

Malicious software

Developing and offering spyware apps and software products including hack tools, viruses, Trojans, or any other sort of software or hardware which aims at bringing harm to other people.

Weapons and ammunition

Selling and buying weaponries or tutorials related to weapons, ammunition, gunpowder, fireworks tools and any other chemical substance which is used in their production.

Collecting personal data

Collecting, selling, and buying personal information without the consent of the target person.

Services related to attacks and creating problems for servers

This includes all the services related to attacks on websites, servers, routers, and all network-related infrastructures.

Pseudo pharmaceuticals

Buying and selling pharmaceuticals which are prohibited on the buyer’s region, even if they are allowed in the seller’s region.

Payment terms
Categorization of transactions

To prevent financial disputes, different modes of transactions are provided on PayPax to decrease the risks of online payments to minimum. These modes include:

Sent: A transaction which was made successfully. The amount is sent to the recipient successfully.

Received: A transaction which was made successfully. The amount is received in your account successfully.

Pending: A transaction which is sending or receiving but it is not carried out completely yet and the amount is not transferred between accounts.

Held: This mode of transaction can be due to adding funds from restricted accounts, online payments with stolen credit cards, or entering wrong security code more than 5 times in secured transaction. In this mode, the amount will be held pending in your PayPax account until the issue is resolved between the two sides of the dispute.

Note: Troubleshooting and removing the transaction from held mode includes a fine of 5 to 10 percent of the total transaction amount.

Refund: To offer convenience for service providers and sellers, PayPax system does not offer refund services for transactions made within PayPax system. This is because all that is required for a secure transaction is provided before the transfer of amount and there is no excuse for asking for a refund. However, in online payments with stolen credit cards and payment which are made through the online payment gateways, the Held mode may change to Refund mode.

Add Fund

The main method for increasing your wallet balance on your PayPax account through other payment systems is via using the Add Fund feature. Depending on the method you choose, you can top up your account instantly or it may take up to 72 hours. Methods you can use to top up your PayPax balance along with their fees are as follows:

Wire Transfer: Transferring money from verified bank accounts belonging to the customer is carried out with 1% fee and it may take between 24 to 72 hours.

Credit Cards: Increasing balance with a credit card takes between 2 to 24 hours and includes 2.5% fee for transfer.

PayPal: To top up your PayPax account with PayPal, you will need to use a verified PayPal account. It will include 6% fee for transfer and it will take between 48 to 72 hours.

Skrill: To top up your PayPax account with Skrill, you will need to use a verified Skrill account. It will include 3% fee for transfer and it will take between 2 to 24 hours.

PayPax Gift Card: The fastest and simplest method to top up your PayPax wallet balance is via using PayPax gift cards. Increasing account balance with PayPax Gift Cards is instant and does not include fees.

Send Money

To prevent potential abuse from the side of customers and to support sellers on PayPax, all the sent and received transactions made via PayPax wallet are non-refundable.

This is because before a transaction is made, all the necessary measures are taken into consideration for preventing financial disputes and to make the customers feel safe about making the order and requesting and receiving the service from the seller.

The first solution to gain customers’ trust is through displaying the merchant’s ID card on PayPax. The customer can view the merchant’s information including personal and contact info and make the transaction if the merchant has a good background and high score in making financial transactions.

The second solution to make customers feel safe is via offering transactions with security codes which is well suited for making transactions with newcomer merchants who lack transactions background.

This means the sender will define a 4 to 8 digit code for the transaction. The amount of the transaction will be deducted from the sender’s account and will remain pending on PayPax system. After the sender receives the satisfactory product/service, he/she provides the seller with the security code and the amount will be transferred to the merchant when the seller enters the code.

It must be mentioned that in this type of transaction, the amount which is deducted from the customer’s account is non-refundable. Also, if the seller enters the wrong security code more than 5 times, the amount of the transaction will remain on PayPax on Held mode until the dispute is resolved between the two sides of the transaction through sending tickets to the support team.

In addition, the commission fee for internal money transfer is 0.5% for verified users and 1.5% for not verified users.


Aside from the ability to transfer money from your PayPax wallet to other PayPax wallets, there is also the possibility to transfer money from your PayPax wallet to other payment systems and bank accounts. Transfer methods from PayPax account to other accounts include:

Transfer to bank accounts: 1% fee of transfer. Takes between 24-28 hours.
Transfer to PayPal accounts: 3.5% fee of transfer. Takes between 24-28 hours.
Transfer to Skrill accounts: 2% fee of transfer. Takes between 24-28 hours.
Create PayPax Gift Card: 0.5% fee for verified accounts and 1.5% fee for not verified accounts with instant transfer.

Merchant service is only available for Business accounts and offers three different levels of payment gateways. Business accounts are offered in three different types of subscriptions.

Free: In this plan, merchant service is offered to the customers for free and they can use it to make payments for their services via their PayPax wallet.

Advanced: In this plan, aside from the ability to make payments with PayPax wallet, there is also the possibility to make direct online payments with credit cards or any other valid payment systems such as PayPal or Skrill.

Enterprise: In addition to supporting all valid payment systems such as credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, etc. the users of this plan can also make payments with BitCoin and use PayPax Gift Cards. Also, users of the Enterprise plan can fully customize their payment gateway.

For more details on PayPax plans for payment gateways, you can refer to the following link:

Transaction fee for payments via PayPax gateway varies based on the method you choose. Here is the transaction fee for each payment method:

Payments via PayPax wallet and BitCoin are non-refundable because all security measures are taken into consideration before the payment and the customers feel sure about the order they are making.


PayPax does its best to account for the users’ sensitive data and takes security measures into consideration to prevent potential abuse from users’ accounts. These security measures include encryption with private key, secure configuration, two-step verification and displaying security questions in the case of IP, device, or OS changes.

PayPax takes absolute care for creating a safe environment for users, however, PayPax cannot be held responsible for security problems caused by the customers themselves which include revealing the password, disabling two-step verification, giving their user email to others or revealing their security questions.

All activities and changes to user panel are submitted in User Activity section, but to view reports on financial transactions, the user can refer to the Transactions section. If users notice suspicious activities and changes on their accounts, they must contact PayPax support team immediately.

Gift Card

To transfer your account balance to others as fast as possible, you can use PayPax Gift Cards. These Gift Cards are used for indirect change or transfer of the balance or to transfer balance to your family and friends as a gift.

Using Gift Cards is bound by the following rules which the user must definitely consider.

Creating Gift Cards include 0.5% fee for verified accounts and 1.5% fee for not verified accounts.

Redeeming Gift Cards does not include fees and the net amount is added to the user’s account.

There is no limit for creating Gift Cards with verified PayPax accounts and the user can create Gift Cards as many as their balance allows.

Gift Cards credit can be any positive integer number which is 0.5-1.5% less than the wallet balance.

Created Gift cards can be changed to account balance if they are redeemed in an account.

Gift Cards does not have expiration date and the users can use them whenever they want.