Apple Pay is an electronic payment system exclusively designed as a feature on the latest iPhones and Apple Watch. Apple Pay is easy to set up and it provides variety of options and advantages for users. Each time you use the service to make the payment your payment data would be extracted from the Apple Wallet app where all the payment details are stored there. Through Apple Pay you are able to use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch as a wallet at store checkouts or for in app purchases. Earlier when Apple Pay was first launched it had only allowed users to buy content using digital wallet with either a debit or credit card, bank card or gift card credit and iTunes gift card. This would have cause some concerns about security and privacy until the company enabled users to add PayPal to Apple Pay so with this you will not have to share your banking or credit card valuable information with Apple if you do not trust the system or for any other reason. On the other hand you can use PayPal to download apps that are not available in your country or region since PayPal does not share your bank and credit card information with Apple so Apple would not know that your region is limited for accessing specific apps. Adding PayPal to Apple Pay would be so beneficial for the service since this would encourage more users to make purchases using Apple’s services around the world. Users can easily use PayPal for apps in the App Store, music and TV shows in iTunes, renew your Apple Music subscription and even pay for the iCloud Storage plans or any other purchases available with Apple Pay.

How to add PayPal to Apple Pay?

add paypal to apple pay
how to add paypal to apple pay?

The instruction below will guide your through the process of adding PayPal to Apple Pay so you be able to make Apple Pay purchases from your PayPal account. Keep in mind that by this time not all stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Follow the steps below in order to add PayPal to Apple Pay.

  1. Open and your iPhone’s Settings app.

  2. Tap your name at the top of the setting screen.

  3. Tap on iTunes and AppStore.

  4. Tap on your Apple ID and choose to view it.

  5. Enter your password or use Touch ID to verify your identity. Once your identity is confirmed you will see your account screen.

  6. Choose Payment information option to see the list of payment methods available.

  7. Tap and choose PayPal.

  8. Choose to login to your PayPal account.

  9. On this step you need to authenticate your PayPal account.

    Follow the on screen instruction step by step in order to add PayPal. Once you are done with the process PayPal would be set as your default Apple Pay payment method.

  10. Use Apple Pay to make payment via PayPal.

    Using Apple Pay is different depends on different apple devices however the result is the same. On iPhone 8 and earlier you should only place your finger on the Touch ID to confirm and complete your payment.  Once your default account which is PayPal is billed the Done message would appear on the screen. On iPhone X you need to double click the side button and enter your passcode or use Face ID to verify your identity. Once your default account which is set to PayPal is billed, the Done message would appear on the screen to let you know that the payment is made successfully.


Apple Pay with lots of feature including Apple Pay cash that enables user to send and receive money through iMessage directly, has been becoming more popular every day. The system is one of the safest payment system so it is considerable to choose it. Now with the two companies starting a partnership you can use PayPal as a payment option on iOS devices. This can be a great chance for you in case you do not have a debit or credit card, or just want to use your PayPal balance to cover your media purchases for any reason. Remember that as soon as you login to your PayPal account through the steps mentioned above your default payment method will switch from your credit or debit card to your PayPal account. Since then all purchases made on your iOS device, including apps purchases, music, or subscription services will be charged to your PayPal account automatically. Considering the fact that Apple handles Apple Pay purchases, you are not able to use your PayPal account for NFC-based transactions or Apple Pay readers in store according to a PayPal.

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