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Freelancing world is growing significantly these days with growth of internet usage all around the world. Within many websites and platforms providing freelancing jobs Upwork stands out as one of the most popular one. Upwork enables users to use the website for posting jobs and hiring and also enables freelancers to find their proper jobs. Upwork is easy to set up and can be great chance for those who seek to make money online and improve their skills. On this article we are going through advantages of Upwork that has made the service popular among businesses and freelancers both.

What are the advantages of Upwork?

advantages of upwork
advantages of upwork

  1. Wide range of choice

    Upwork has a wide range of choice for different jobs and different expertise. There are hundreds of categories with many jobs posting daily that enables freelancers to get the job that fits their skills from many projects available. The variety and huge number of projects from all around the world has made the platform a great place to find your desired job. Jobs are adding every minute. So it gives you the chance to select the best suitable job. Keep in mind that should not apply for every job in case you are not good at it or you do not have the required skills. As a freelancer be sure that you have the time to select the easy jobs in case you are newbie.
    There are millions of Clients and Jobs since the merger of odesk and elance. Upwork has millions of clients posting jobs every second so there are lots of opportunities to get hired in any particular category. On the other hand there are millions of freelancers signed in Upwork so you do not need to be worry about skills and expertise in case you want to hire some one for your projects.

  2. Large-scale projects

    Beside small project with small payments you have the chance to find many projects that pays well on Upwork. However there is a high competition involved with these projects so it is challenging to win one, and they are mostly WordPress development or programming work.

  3. Different payment choices

    You have different options to choose for receiving payments through Upwork. This is one of the most important advantages of Upwork. You can choose hourly wage and get paid for each hour of working on the platform, or you can go through one-time payments for each complete project. On hourly payment time you need some applications to calculate your working hours on your desktop. There is also milestone payment type that is recommended for long projects or expensive ones.

  4. Decreasing fees

    The more you get projects and work on the platform the more you find your fees decreasing. There are also many other factors that can cause a decrease in Upwork fees. On the other hand in case you are a big spender and you hire too many freelancers your fees would decrease as well.

  5. Everyone can join Upwork

    The platform is literally providing work for everyone. Every person with even low level of knowledge or limited skill has the chance to find a job on Upwork and make money online. There are many different categories that are designed to help freelancers to choose the job according to their skills and expertise even if they do not have much. In case you are new you can start with small and low paid jibs and then switch for higher paid categories. So you do not need to be worried in case you are not so skilled or professional since there is job for everyone of Upwork.

  6. Search options and filters

    There are many search options and search filters that help you find your suitable jobs among million posts available on Upwork. You have the option to search the category, jobs with high prices, jobs with different payment method such as hourly ones or fixed price ones, and many other search filters. These options will enable you to apply on the best suited jobs and start making money. As mentioned earlier big companies, small business and even individual are hiring freelancers on Upwork every second. You can just type your keywords for specific jobs and then go through the search results to find the suitable of work. Upwork search box is designed just like Google search engine and enables you to find what you want fast and easy.

  7. Ability to build relationships

    Clients and freelancers often build strong relationships on Upwork. All client on the platform are able to gauge freelancer communications skills and see whether they offer proper time management. These relationships sometimes last for years. Through this your client may give you bonuses on holidays, get to you for later jobs and projects, or even visit you when traveling to your country. This is very beautiful that using Upwork can let you build friendships and earn benefits at the same time.

  8. Possibility to set long term contracts

    For a freelancer long term contracts are very lovely. In case you find long term contracts beneficial too you can be sure that on Upwork, it is very easy to get contracts that last years. However it all depends on you and your level of work and the type of work it is demanded.

  9. Worldwide interactions

    Upwork peovides users the possibility of interacting with people from all over the world. You have the chance to apply to jobs posted by clients from all over the world and on the other hand you can hire skilled people from different locations no matter where you are. There are communication methods available that can ease the hiring process.

  10. Job recommendations

    Upwork provide you job recommendations considering latest jobs posted and your profile and selected categories. In case you apply for a job and your request be declined then Upwork would send you email containing recommended jobs. The job recommendation is also available in your timeline once you login to your profile. This can be one of the most useful advantages of Upwork since it might be hard to find jobs that fits your condition among millions of posts available.

  11. Variety of skills test

    Skill tests are great ways to show your knowledge and what you are good at. There are many different skill tests that help you complete your profile and help clients know your expertise. Skill test would let you express your abilities in a trusted way and win your desired job posts and projects.

  12. Possibility to send and receive messages

    Getting involve with working online or remotely messages are the most important part of communication. As you might know it is very important to communicate with client and in the other hand with freelancer to remove conflicts. Upwork has recently made it available to use new message box features. Now freelancers and clients can easily send and receive messages. It is a good help when selecting clients or freelancers. It enables clients and freelancers to select the particular client or freelancers.

  13. Learning sources and customer support

    Since Upwork is very popular all around the world there are many learning sources and documents gathered by users personal experiences or provided by the Upwork itself available on the internet that can help you build your profile more successful and receive many projects and payments. Upwork provide great learning resources for freelancers and client both and this can be one of the greatest advantages of Upwork. On the other hand the website provides its users great support and it is socially active in order to update freelancers and businesses.

Final words

advantages of upwork

These are not the only advantages of Upwork. Considering these and many other ones would tempt you start using the platform immediately but keep in mind that nothing is easy in online businesses considering the high competition. In order to take advantages of Upwork you need to create optimized Upwork profile and keep improving your skills. Keep in mind that sucess comes with hard work.

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