If you are looking for different ways of earning money, online or freelancing jobs are definitely one of your best options. Working as a freelancer has many benefits and the most important advantage is that you can start with zero or very low capital and you have the freedom that one can never experience in an office job. But one point that has always been an obstacle for freelancing is the mutual trust issue as you need to trust your employer who usually contacts you online. To resolve this issue, many freelancing websites have evolved over the years that provide a safe environment for both freelancers and employers to work without concern. Here is a list of the top websites you can use for your freelance career.

Top 15 freelancing websites

There are many guides to achieving your goals independently, but as a freelancer, for more and more revenue, signing up and membership on a famous freelance website is not enough. You have to improve successful freelancer characteristics in yourself, prepare a good resume of the work you have done, or even prove your skills by taking tests. In the following, we will introduce the top freelancing websites that you can use to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.



With over 1.5 million customers, Upwork, formerly known as ODesk, offers a variety of Freelancer jobs. This Freelancer site has long, short, hourly, paid per project, professional level and basic level based on the level of engagement with the project. No matter if you are a professional or a novice freelancer who has just started, this website will have a noticeable number of job opportunities for you.


The Toptal Freelance website has a distinct and unique purpose than the other freelancing websites we introduce in this article. Toptal is designed for talented and professional freelancers. Through the screening process that Toptal has for accepting customers, you will have access to excellent projects and excellent customers, such as JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, and much more with competitive pricing. You can also join the Toptal community for visiting and attending technology events.


Elance eliminates the problems associated with freelancing jobs. You can complete your profile and resume on this website without any delay and make sure you get paid for every hour you work.

Of course, since May 30, 2017, this website has been merged with Upwork!


Unlike most freelancing websites, in addition to providing millions of projects, Freelancer lets you compete with other freelancers to prove your abilities. If you have a sense of competition and trust in your good skills, the Freelancer website is a good place to showcase your ability and attract customers.


Although many consider Craigslist as a platform for the purchase and sale of tools, in fact, this website is a great place to find jobs for working from home. You can easily search for suggestions in your vicinity, but one thing you need to consider about this freelancing website is that you first need to check if this service is supported in your country.


This website will allow you to display your past work experience and has the ability to offer daily jobs in accordance with your requirements and skills to ensure that you will not miss good opportunities. A feature called Guru Work Room is also available on this site that allows project management.


A platform for designer freelancers. This website allows you to compete in design contests and you can get feedback from customers who choose the best designs. This site is a great way for talented designers to showcase their talent.


This Freelancer website is a great platform that focuses on web projects. If you are a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc. we suggest you go to Peopleperhour.

Freelance writing gigs

Whether you are an author, editor, blogger, publisher or any combination of these, Freelance Writing Gigs is where you can use to make money through your skill.

Demand Media

Demand Media is a platform for writers, film makers, producers, photographers and more. It is one of the best freelancing websites  tocreate unique content, contact with your audience and show your talents.

College Recruiter

As the name suggests, Freelancer’s College Recruiter is for college students or graduates who are looking for a career change in any form. In addition to being a good source for part-time work, you can also count on it as a good starting point.


This website is for work-from-home authors, web designers and developers, and that is exactly what small businesses need to start their business with freelancing work force. GetACoder offers millions of small projects that you can choose from.


In addition to attracting a large number of rounds of freelancers such as writers, editors, coders, etc., the platform also has the ability to attract marketers, and unlike other freelance sites, iFreelance will give you 100% of your income. And does not deduct anything from it.


With hundreds of project categories, Project4hire makes it easier to find work that matches your skills. This is one the best freelancing websites that allows you to find the right projects without having to search through a large amount of work.


This website has wider service than other platforms and is a good place for vendors to construction workers. The blog of this platform provides training on how to hire, orient, and search based on location.


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