If you are a fan of the world of digital currencies, you need to be aware of how the prices are rising rapidly and one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies is definitely ripple. This article will introduce the best ripple wallets in 2018 and compare them with each other.

With a dramatic increase in prices, many people are urged to buy Ripple to earn a share of the profits in this digital currency market. But after buying, people are worried about keeping their assets in a safe place. Hence, most people are looking for some of the best wallets to protect their investment.

There are several types of wallets for cryptocurrencies; some are easy to use, while others offer a very high level of security.

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In fact, the wallet security depends on where the private key is stored. Whenever we create a wallet, a private key is also created. This private key provides access to funds in wallets, so it is the most important asset that you need to keep safe.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a wallet in which only you own the private key. You need to make sure that the private key is not registered elsewhere. For example, when you save your funds on an online exchange, your private key is stored on the servers of this company. Hence, if your company server is hacked, you may lose your assets. This is a common mistake that most people do.

Prior to introducing the best ripple wallets, it should be noted that, unlike Bitcoin wallets, the use of the ripple wallets is not free! Your require at least 20 XRP to create a wallet for this cryptocurrency!

Hardware ripple wallets

Ledger Nano S

ledger nano s

Imagine you can keep your XRP in your pocket! Yes; this is also possible not only with ripple but also for other digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet designed for cryptocurrencies and can easily be placed in your pocket. The price of this hardware wallet is about $95. This wallet is considered the best in the field of hardware and software wallets due to its high security margin for keeping your digital asset.

  • Easy to use – You can easily connect it to your computer, laptop or even your mobile phone with the help of a USB cable and use your ripple. Easily send and receive ripple with this wallet.
  • High Security – Developers have added additional security features to create safer and more secure wallet for users. If you lost your wallet or someone stole it from your pocket, this person can not access your ripple without your permission. This feature is possible by asking for a password that is predefined by yourself. This wallet has all the features that you need to keep your Ripple coins safe from hackers.
  • Physical Button – The company has added a physical button to allow users to confirm their transactions to make users feel more secure.
  • Auto Backup – This wallet has the ability to back up your account automatically and to maintain greater security.

Web-based ripple wallets

GateHub website

gatehub wallet

Currently, GateHub works with several common digital currencies such as XRP and BTC. Buying and selling ripple at GateHub is very easy and fast. But unfortunately, you must first buy Bitcoin and then convert it to other digital currencies, including ripple.

GateHub is one of ripple wallets, which is mentioned on the ripple website (Ripple Lab). Since its offering of wallet services, many online stores have used it as an accepted payment method.

The GateHub Analytics section shows the actual rates of XRP, USD, and other currencies at the moment. This will allow users to invest their money at the right time. Analysis statistics are also displayed with graphs. This feature allows users to easily understand wallet accounts and invest at the right time.

With this wallet you can also trade in the market of precious metals and basic currencies.

Poloniex website

poloniex wallet

Poloniex is the ideal wallet for buying and keeping ripple temporarily. Many cryptocurrency users use Poloniex to quickly buy in market fluctuations and then transfer their assets to their hardware wallet (such as Ledger) to maintain greater security.

You can exchange and save your current Bitcoin and Ethereum coins with XRP. Poloniex is always praised by critics for its high liquidity flows.

Desktop ripple wallets

Toast wallet

toast wallet

Toast Wallet is one of the most suitable wallets for storing ripple (XRP). This open source wallet is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Support for various platforms – The first feature of this wallet is that it can be used for almost all operating systems. Users can use it on Windows, Android and even iOS, as separate apps are available for each platform.
  • Ease of use – This wallet is easy to use and has a relatively attractive graphical interface.
  • No fees – Another benefit of using the Toast Wallet is that the transaction fee for all users is completely free. You only need 20 XRP in your wallet to process your transactions.


Choosing the best ripple wallets is entirely up to you, because it depends on your preference. You either prefer to have easy access to your assets or you want to have high security. If you want high security, you should choose Ledger Nano S and if you want to have easy access, use Poloniex or GateHub.

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