Upwork is an online platform for enabling freelancer all around the world to get their desired job and on the other hand business owners and simply any one who needs to hire someone for getting a job done can use the platform too. By the mean Upwork website allows you to insert the project and receive projects in a working round. Upwork is a new version of Odesk that was released in 2015. Odesk, like Elance, is a global freelance market service that serves as a platform for communication between employers and freelancers or independent and remote specialists. 12 million freelancers and 5 million customers have registered for Upwork account while an average of three million jobs are registered annually, with over 1 billion dollar payments. All of these has made the Upwork platform the largest freelancer market these days.

How to create Upwork account?

Once you decide to start working as a freelancer on Upwork platform you must first create an account. Signing up to Upwork is very easy and it can be done through couple of simple steps. Here is how to create Upwork account through step by step instruction.

  1. Enter Upwork website.

    upwork wesite

  2. Tap on Sign up.

    Then enter the steps to create Upwork account tap on Sign up option at the top of the website screen.

  3. Enter your first name, last name and email address.

    On the displayed screen enter your personal information. Note that if you use Gmail instead of the Email, you will see a warning that you can skip by tapping on “get started” option and go to the next step. upwork account

  4. Tap on Get Started.

    Confirm your entered information by tapping on get started option.

  5. From the drop down menu choose the country you live in it.

    upwork account

  6. Create your Upwork account password.

  7. Choose your account purpose.

    You should be creating Upwork account for two different reasons: Hire for a project (occupation) and ask others to do it for you or sign in as a freelancer and earn currency. In this article, we select are creating Upwork account as a freelancer so choose that option. upwork freelancer account

  8. Choose a username for your account.

  9. Enter the captcha code.

  10. Activate receiving news in email if you want so.

    By activating “send me useful email…” option, you can get news and new jobs in your email.

  11. Agree to Upwork terms of service.

    Check the box once you have read uwork rules, terms of services and policies if you agree with them.

  12. Tap next.

  13. Verify your email address.

    Now open your associated email inbox and tap the verification link that Upwork has sent you in order to verify your email.

Now you have an account on Upwork freelancing website. It is time to complete your account information so you would be able to get jobs tailored to your expertise. In order to be able to participate in projects that are appropriate to your abilities and skills, do your best to complete all required information correctly. This information includes the field of study, the amount of fluency in English, the number of working hours per week, and even you can determine if you are interested in long-term or short-term projects. Note that you can also specify your wage for each hour of work.

Can I create multiple Upwork account?

In short the answer is No. according to Upwork terms of service you can not have multiple account as a freelancer on Upwork. Even if you want to provide different services or you have multiple expertise you still can not create multiple accounts.
However Upwork enables you to be a freelancer and client with the same account at the same time. By the mean according to Upwork you can only have one account but you can use that same account as a freelancer and client both at the same time. Your account would then have different entities and you are able to set separated information by switching between them.

Final words

upwork account

In the world of using internet and making money online by most of the people all around the world Upwork can be a great chance for freelancer and remote workers. It is easy to set up your account and start getting job positions. There are millions of jobs and projects on available on the platform that you easily can choose the one that fits your abilities best. However considering the competition between many freelancers for job posts in the platform it is very important to optimize your Upwork profile in order to stand out and gets you clients.

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