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PayPal is one of the most popular electronic payment system which provides worldwide online payments and supports online money transfers as an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods. Users can create different types of PayPal account to use its features all around the world for different purposes. There might be variety of reason that a user decide to delete PayPal account. Some users may choose to do so because they see no need to use the account in the future since they might have choose another payment system as alternative. Sometimes as a PayPal user you feel like deleting your PayPal account for safety and security issues or you want to create an account with your new email address. Sometimes business and brands company stop trading and they wish to delete the associated PayPal account and many other personal reasons that may cause need of this action.

While it is fast and easy to close a PayPal account through couple of steps in a short time, you must keep in mind that once you delete the account it is permanently closed. It is important to know there is no PayPal account deactivation since deactivate means that your account can be reactivated through PayPal as soon as your account has been deleted, it is permanently gone and it cannot be back in any way.

Read before you go through PayPal account deletion

delete paypal
Attention before deleting!

In case you got to the idea of deleting your account consider that there is no cost associated with keeping your PayPal account opened to use it any time later in the future.

Once a PayPal account is deleted it cannot be enabled again and of course the transaction history is lost too. So before you go through the process keep a record of your PayPal account transactions history in case you may need it. If you have decided to do it you must collect of your PayPal balance. In order to do so you can transfer it to your bank account although it can take a couple of days for this money to appear but it can be a good choice. You also have the option to pay a small fee and request PayPal check. If non of these works for you, you can always purchase some products and services that you need.

How to delete PayPal account?

dletepaypal instruction
Step by Step instruction

In order to go through the deletion process you will need a laptop or computer by the mean PayPal account cannot be deleted using mobile phone. Follow the instruction below step by step to delete your account.

  1. Enter PayPal website and log in to your PayPal account.

  2. Click on the Settings gear icon at the top of the screen.

    Delete instruction

  3. Click the Close your account button.

    Delete instruction

  4. You might be required to enter your bank details.

  5. Select the reason you’re closing your account and click on continue.

    Delete instruction

  6. Click the Close Account button to confirm your action.

Keep in mind that once your PayPal account is deleted it is not possible to access it. Your history and records of transactions would also be gone forever and cannot be back however you can always create a new PayPal even with the same email address but certainly you will not be able to view the transaction history of the old deleted account. And of course no future online payments can be made using the account that you have deleted.

Frequent questions and answers

Can the email of deleted PayPal account be used for a new one?

Yes once you have successfully deleted a PayPal account, you can use the same email to create a new account but even if the email address is the same you still would not be able to access the deleted account’s data and transactions history.

Why you cannot delete your PayPal account?

In case you are going through the instruction mentioned earlier in this article and you still would not be able to delete your account you may still have a remaining PayPal balance, pending funds or unresolved issues that causes you not to be able to close your account. As soon as you solve the associated issue by following the instruction step by step the account can be closed permanently.

Would all of my information be deleted when I delete my PayPal account?

PayPal is not going to delete anything through the account deletion process it would only disable your account that it cannot be used any more.

Can I delete my account using PayPal customer service?

In case you can not go through the online instruction you can always contact PayPal customer service to disable your PayPal account by call.

Can I delete a PayPal account without having password?

you cannot delete your account without password. However in case you have lost your password you can always retrieve it via associated email address or number and login to your account to delete it.

Can I retrieve deleted PayPal account?

Once you delete your account it is not going to be back at any way. There is not possible to deactivate PayPal account and get it back again as soon as it is done, it is permanent.

Can I review the deleted PayPal account transactions?

As soon as a PayPal account is closed down entirely there is no way to access the information and transactions history. so it is wise to keep a record of your account’s transactions before you delete it permanently.

What happens to my balance after deleting PayPal account?

The option to delete your account would not be available for you unless you collect your PayPal balance entirely. You can whether shop products online using your PayPal account or you can transfer the balance to your bank account or even receive it as a check if you request so and agree to pay the fee.

Can I delete my PayPal account via the mobile app?

You can also delete your account through the company’s website using computer or laptop. It is not possible to do this using mobile phones or PayPal app.

What happens with pending transactions after deleting PayPal account?

If you close your PayPal account while any transactions that you have initiated with it is pending then they will automatically be cancelled.  Once you try to delete your account all the pending transactions are cancelled so consider it before going through the action.

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