As you probably know these days almost all people around the world do most of their daily financial tasks on the internet, so making online transactions has been growing significantly. These has caused the emerging of many online payment systems, however, you are probably familiar with WebMoney. Using WebMoney, you are able to send money, receive, buy, or do anything else that electronic payment systems have made it possible. Transactions in this system are done at a high speed, secure, cheap way with lots of features and advantages. The company was established in 1998, as an international payment system in Moscow. WebMoney, soon became one of the most reliable online banks that many people today use to make their international transactions. To use this system, you must create a webmail account. In this post, we are going to learn how to delete WebMoney account in case you have decided to close your account for any reason.

Things you need to do before you delete WebMoney account

Deleting a WebMoney account is possible when you do not have any debts, loans, or claims to WebMoney. In this section, we will go through actions you need to do before you start WebMoney account deletion process.

1.     Paying all outstanding Debts and Loans. All debts and loans must be paid before the account is deleted. If you have received a loan that you have not yet settled, you will have to pay it fully.

2.     Follow up outstanding claims. If you have complained about the WebMoney Company or in case you have had a serious dispute, then follow up on complaints before you start deleting your WebMoney account.

3.     Account balance withdrawal. Keep in mind that once you delete your WebMoney account you will not be able to access your account balance and information any more. So before starting to delete your WebMoney account, transfer all your balance from its wallet to another account.

Learn how to transfer WebMoney to another account before you disable it.

Once you done all the required actions mentioned above you are able to start deleting your account.

How to delete WebMoney account through Website?

You have the option to delete your WebMoney account through the website support system by sending tickets. In order to do so follow the instruction below step by step.

  1. Go to WebMoney support section on WebMoney website.

    delete webmoney account

  2. Choose to send new ticket.

    On the Support WebMoney screen tap on the green button named NEW TICKET.

  3. Choose a Service.

    You must select WEBMONEY TECHNICAL SUPPORT as the service you desire to use. delete webmoney account

  4. Choose a Response Notification Method.

    Choose and select EMAIL as a response notification method and then tap on NEXT.

  5. Fill out the appeared form.

    On the screen you will see a form where you need to fill it out. First you should choose WEBMONEY TECHNICAL SUPPORT as service. Then on the topic you need to type your request which is deleting your account. Then you will have to give a reason why you are deleting your WebMoney account. Finally you will have to type your email address in the required box. delete webmoney account

  6. Tap on SEND to send your deletion request ticket.

How to delete WebMoney account with email?

You can also delete your account by sending email messages. In order to do so follow the instruction below step by step.

  1. Enter the email account which is associated with your WebMoney account.
  2. Compose a new email with the subject of deleting WebMoney account. Write your request on the body briefly giving reason why you are deleting your account.
  3. Send the message to email address

How to delete WebMoney account through settings?

delete webmoney account
delete via account setting

As another solution that leads to WebMoney account deletion you have the option to go through the process via your account’s setting. In order to do so follow the instruction below step by step.

1.     Login to your WebMoney keeper account.

2.     On the information tab enter “about yourself” section.

3.     At the bottom of screen click the “Terminate the service”.

4.     Then click the ‘Request to terminate the services’ option.

5.     Confirm deletion. At this point, you need to confirm your action by SMS or E-Num and conform that you want to delete your WebMoney account.

6.     Your account will be deleted in seven days. You will receive an email notifying you that your account will be permanently deleted within the next seven days.

Can I recover deleted WebMoney account?

In case you want to disable account deletion and you have changed your mind you have the option to cancel the deletion process in given seven days. You can cancel it through the link provided to you in the notification. Otherwise, the account will be removed permanently and the final email will be sent to you.

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