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Google AdWords advertising service is designed basically to enable businesses, brands and producers to display their ads to potential customers in order to attract them to their website. While with number of people using internet every day is growing significantly, the importance of using online advertising has been growing as well. This is why many business and producers go through Google AdWords advertising programs in order to promote their businesses and increase their sale. On this article we are going through disadvantages of Google AdWords that you must be aware of them before you start using the service for promoting your brand.

How does Google AdWords work?

Before going through disadvantages of Google AdWords you need to know how the system works. Once you start using the advertising service, whenever users search for keywords similar to your ads keyword Google would display your ads to them. By the mean using Google AdWords you can be sure that whenever someone is searching for products or services similar to yours, the would see your advertisements. This can help you to turn potential customers to paying clients and promote your business.

What are the disadvantages of Google AdWords?

disadvantages of google adwords
disadvantages of google adwords and how to overcome them

Here is a list of disadvantages of Google AdWords advertising service that you may need to consider before start using it.

  1. Learning curve

    It might seem easy to start and use Google AdWords campaigns but trust me it is not. You can not become a master of Google AdWords without experience and testing. That is why many businesses will not be successful in using this advertising service. It is been said that there is learning curve and some strategies to know in order to have a successful campaign. In case you do not have enough skills and information may end up spending more than making out of it. You have to focus on collecting data that enables you to make right decisions about you advertising campaign. Keep in mind that in case you do not know how to select the best keywords for your ads you will not be able to take advantages of this service. One of the most important disadvantages of Google AdWords is this that would lead many businesses to fail benefiting the programs.

  2. You have to pay for each click on your ads.

    Going through Google AdWords PPC program that is referring to pay per click you have to pay for each particular click on your ads. No matter this click would lead to buying products by that particular user or not. You can never make sure that you are paying for receiving a paying customer. Even if someone has wrongly clicked on your ads and never going to make purchase, you still have to pay for it.

  3. Higher costs in competitive industries

    In case your business niche contains many competitors who are already using Google AdWords advertising systems things may get difficult for you. While your competitors can cause increasing costs per click. That is through that industry competitors has made you use Google AdWords advertising system but they also can force you afford high costs for competing with them. In case you set keyword bid too low then you will not have a chance since your ads could be displayed in page 2 or 3 of the search results.

  4. You do not make payments, your ads are stopped

    Failure to make payments for AdWords system for any reason would immediately remove your ads from Google. AdWords would never let you take it longer to make the payment. No matter why as soon as your budget is spent, your ads would disappear from the search engine. In comparison with SEO that has much longer shelf life this can be one of the greatest disadvantages of Google AdWords.

  5. Ads limitations

    There are some limitation in creating ads. The most important limitation is amount of characters that you are allowed to have in your ads. Your ads can include two 30 character headlines and one large 80 character description with an URL. This is while there are a lots of important data to fit in your ads. You need to include proper headline, perfectly chosen keywords, contact information, product description and many other customer appealing contents.

  6. Risk of wrong keyword targeting

    It is very important to figure out and use proper keywords since in case you fail in this your ads would be shown to wrong targeted customers and this would not be good at all since he best feature of Google AdWords is the possibility to display the ads to right people who are looking for the same product or service.

  7. Time investment

    It needs a lot of time to learning curve of using Google AdWords and it is very important to invest this time since mistakes in using this advertising service may cost you more than you think. So you need to make sure you are spending quite a lot of time after you start setting up your campaign in order to make sure that you are going through the right path. You have to spend a lot of time monitoring your ads impacts on your sales and clicks generated and then start improving it. All these actions would need time investment to lead your business to success.

  8. You need to spend a lot to get to the top

    Since there are many businesses out there using Google AdWords service you do not have control over their bidding. This will cause to using huge budget very quickly as an individual advertiser this is while many companies and big businesses have large budget that can easily afford higher costs. So it is often like this that the top position costs is too expensive to reach considering all big businesses with big budgets ready to afford big expenses.

  9. Not all visitors pay attention to Google Ads

    Let us be honest people often find ads annoying and ignore them at the first place. When people search on Google for anything they usually do not pay attention to the right side where paid ads are displayed. This means that it does not matter how right you have chosen your targeted keyword phrases there are always some potential customers that never even look at your ads let alone to purchase your products and services. That is through that you do not have to pay if they do not click your ads but it still can considered one of the biggest disadvantages of Google AdWords. On the other hand there are some users that use ads blocking option so you will use many potential customers this way as well.

  10. Potential to lose your money

    It was mentioned earlier that Google AdWords can eat up your budget faster than you think. It happens for many businesses that they quickly spend money and see little to no results in their promotion goals. So it is essential to understand how Google AdWords works and learn all monitoring options in order to have a successful campaigns. It is also important to make the right keywords. On the other hand there is quality score. If you have a poor quality page or your business does not meet Google’s guidelines in any way you will face decreasing quality score while the lower quality score you have, the more you have to pay for Google AdWords advertising programs. As mentioned earlier it is very expensive to use valuable, and competitive keywords in your ads so in case you afford these costs and you do not get to desired result you will lose a lot of money.

Final words

disadvantages of google adwords

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Google AdWords advertising system. But what has made the service so popular is the chance it provides to businesses and brands to boost their online presence and promote their sales. Keep in mind that despite all the mentioned disadvantages, Google AdWords is a great way to reach your target audience at the right time. To overcome all of the potential problems in using this service you need to first know what Google AdWords is and how it works. You need to spend times studying and gathering valuable information before you start your advertising campaign through Google AdWords. Finally it is up to you to decide whether the advantages of Google AdWords would overcome the disadvantages of service or not. Consider your business condition and your budget and make the best decision.

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