Every day more businesses join internet marketing considering the fact that people are using internet almost all around the world for different purposes. This has caused internet marketing to be much more effective than traditional marketing including TV or newspaper advertising. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing and internet marketing that works in the way that as a business owner you do not need to pay any platform like TV or social media to reach potential customers. It is assumed to be the highly effective marketing strategy. You send emails to potential customers and convert them into loyal ones. Although email marketing can benefit businesses in many ways but you cannot ignore the disadvantages of it. On this article we are going through some of the most important disadvantages of email marketing that you need to be aware of them.

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What are disadvantages of email marketing?

Here is a list of most considerable disadvantages of email marketing with detailed description.

Spam emails

In case you send email to people that have not subscribe it they may delete your messages and unsubscribe. To avoid being in spam list of those whom you are sending email messages you need to target the right people who are interested in receiving them. Untargeted people and people who may never need your offered products and services may never read your messages, this is one of the biggest disadvantages of email marketing.

Undelivered emails

There is a big challenge and issue in email marketing which is email messages containing some specific key words or those that are designed in poor way will not be delivered. Many email messages may be filtered out by email software and internet service providers for different reasons. In case your content would not be valuable or even you enter the wrong recipient address your message may not be delivered to your potential customers and you would not know.

Designing responsive content

 You have to design your email contents in the way that it appears correctly across multiple devices and email providers. Your content must be compatible to increase its functionality. On the other hand there are some people or customers that rather receiving text-only emails, while some of the others can be influenced by graphic messages. You have to consider your customers and audiences preference and decide how your message will look.  

Content size issues

When it comes to sending emails that their contents must be loaded the size is a big issue. File with big sizes may cause failure in quick downloading and this can annoy the audience. For example if you rather add images to your email messages your audiences may lose interest since it would take longer to load.

Required skills

Although setting up email marketing for businesses does not require special expertise but you should have knowledge and skills in managing and interacting with current and potential customers. You should analyze your business and know how you can convince your potential customers to use your product and services via email messages content.


Email marketing requires constant content and messages to help you keep your customers. You must appreciate and respect your current customers to keep them subscribed. You need to work on keeping engagement with old customers and in the mean time try to reach new potential customers as well.

Costs and expenses

Many people who are beginner in business and marketing might think that sending a quick email to someone does not cause any costs to be considered. But the truth is associated costs with creating and launching an email marketing campaign is pretty higher than it is assumed. Once you decide to set up and effective email marketing campaign you will need to hire a platform or company to help you with the process in designing and managing your email marketing campaign. This can cost you some expenses. You should keep paying monthly fees for managing and continuing your campaign.

Final words

disadvantages of email marketing

Now that you know about the most important disadvantages of email marketing it is up to you to decide whether email marketing benefits would overcome its disadvantages or not. Consider all these facts mentioned on this article and try to find some ways to solve these issues then you can be sure that email marketing can help you promote your business. However there are also some alternatives such as influencer marketing that can help your improve your business and increase your sale without considering the disadvantages of email marketing.

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