Nowadays almost all people around the world have access to internet and surf it during a day for different reasons. Considering the fact that internet has become the biggest source of awareness many business owners and brands go through different types of internet marketing to reach their potential customers and increase their brand awareness globally. One of the effective ways of marketing online is email marketing which we are going through its aspects on this article.

What Is Email Marketing?

email marketing definition
what is it? detailed definition

Email marketing is one of the most popular and of course effective methods of internet marketing. As you can understand from the name email marketing focuses on the strategy of sending email messages to potential customers who may be interested in special products or services. Successful marketing can rapidly convert those potential customers to constant ones. Through this type of marketing you can build long term relationships with your new customers and make sure they would be loyal to your business.

Email marketing is actually a type of direct marketing. By direct it does not mean that you ask your customers to purchase your products or hire your services, but it means that you do not need to use any third party to reach potential customers. You do not need to go on TV or newspaper or even use bloggers and influencers. You directly send emails to customers and personalize your marketing by your own. 

Why should you use email marketing?

The first thing that might come in your mind is that why you should use email marketing while there are other types of marketing such as influencer marketing on social medias which are so popular these days. Believe it or not email still remains one of the most effective ways of communication and drawing consumer’s attention that can lead to business promotions. One of the most important reasons of using this type of marketing is that most of the consumers check their email inbox almost every day. So it is still number one in communication channels. Second reason is that through this type of marketing you are on your own completely. The email account is yours and you have your own list. You can manage and personalize your advertising campaign in the way you feel would benefit you the most. You are the leader and there is no one to take the lead from you despite influencer marketing for example.

Statistics and numbers indicate that emails have the power to turn consumers to customers effectively. Base on the reports of different businesses, products that were targeted in email marketing have had more sales rather than other products.

This type of marketing enables to set up long term and constant relationship with your customers just with some small tips and strategies and usage of online tools. Soon you will be able to grow your business with a lot of satisfied customers. 

Types of messages in email marketing

email marketing messages
email messages types

In email marketing campaign there are two common types of messages you should send to potential customers with purpose of increasing your sales. First type of messages are those that are sent to enhance your relationship with your current customers and encourage them to stay loyal to your products and services. The main goal of these email messages is to value and respect customers. You should not ask for returns and ask them buy your products directly but you should appreciate and respect them.

The second type of messages that you should send are those which you send them to introduce a new products or offer something to purchase. You can send these messages to new customers or old ones.

Both of these types of emails can be effective in different conditions but the most important thing you need to focus on is building trust. Trust is the key factor of building a successful business. One of the main reasons of email marketing popularity is that it help you to build trust with your audience and this would lead your business to sales promotions and customer loyalty. 

When should you send the emails?

email marketing timing
best timing ideas for sending emails to get better results

Now that you know everything about this type of marketing you may wonder that when is the time to send the emails to get the best result? It depends all on your business. For example the times and events mentioned below can be proper for sending emails.

  1. When you are introducing or launching a new product or service.
  2. Particular periods of year when you are offering seasonal sales and discounts.
  3. When you are offering some chances to be winner for free products.
  4. When you organizing a live event related to your business.

And many other times when you feel that creating email marketing campaigns can lead to sales increase. 

How to send effective messages through email marketing?

As you probably know many email marketing campaigns fail quickly for many businesses. It is not easy to convince potential customers to purchase your products or hire your services. Your messages should not be full of direct sales messages alone. A good email marketing campaign should use messages with the structure of introducing a common problem that potential customers might have and then gives the solution to it as a product or service that your business is offering. You need to go through the benefits and value of your product and service and explain how it can be useful for solving their problem. In this way you can sell the product to your audience and convince them to be your loyal customer. Later you have the option to decide to send email messages more frequent and increase your sales rapidly. Once you have built trust and relationships you can even send direct sales emails.


Final words

Many marketing experts and successful business owners and brands believe that this type of marketing is an essential strategy for every businesses. Some experts believe that nothing else can help you reach potential customers in the way that email marketing does. This type of marketing is one of the most effective ways of building personal relationships with customers and turn them to constant and loyal one. So in case you want your business to succeed, and you have the aim of sales promotion you should set up your campaign and start sending structured email messages to your potential customers.

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