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In case you own a website, blog any other online property you must have considered to make money online through it. Since the internet usage and importance of advertising in increasing sharply these days you probably have heard of the Google AdSense program that is designed by Google with the purpose of advertising activities. Google AdSense enable you to make money online through your website and blog by posting ads and generating clicks on them. It is easy to create Google AdSense account and once you have done it you must focus on methods that help you maximize your income with Google AdSense service.

How to create Google AdSense account?

google adsense account
create google adsense account step by step

As mentioned earlier in order to be able to add Google AdSense ads on your online property and make money with it you need to create a Google AdSense account in the first place. Here is how to do it step by step.

  1. Enter the Google AdSense website in order to start using the program.

  2. Choose Sign up now at the middle of the screen.

  3. Enter your online property’s URL address that you wish to have ads on it.

    On this step for signing up to Google AdSense you need to enter URL of the site that you want to show ads on it. But there are somethings you need to consider when entering your URL in order to successfully create Google AdSense account. Make sure that you are entering the URL of a site that you own. The entered IRL must not contain any parameters and it cannot be a page or directory.

  4. Enter an email address that you need it to be associated with your Google AdSense account.

    You have the option to receive Google AdSense customized help and performance suggestions. In case you want to get it choose the option. Keep in mind that you can always change your email address and contact information through your account directly.

  5. Click Save and continue.

  6. Now you should sign in to your Google Account.

    In case you already are using Gmail or any other Google service, you already have an account on Google. If not you should create one in case you want to have Google AdSense account.

  7. Select your country.

    Google has some limitations set for some countries.

  8. Now you must confirm that you have reviewed and accepted Google AdSense Terms and Conditions.

  9. Click on Create account.

    Once you do it you are signed in to your AdSense account.

  10. Enter your associated email inbox and click the verification link Google AdSense has sent you.

    Once you tap on the link you will be back to your account.

How to activate Google AdSense account?

activate google adsense account2
activate google adsense account

It is easy to create Google AdSense account by following a few steps but once you have created it you need to activate your account. Account activation is needed before you be able to have ads on your online property and make money through this service.

You just should enter your account and on the home page there are some tasks to do. There are three major steps to activate your account.

  1. First you need to connect your site to Google AdSense account.
  2. Provide your payment address in your account in order to receive your revenue.
  3. Phone number verification. However this is not needed in all countries.

As soon as you have completed these tasks through on screen instructions tap on done or submit.

Then it is up to Google AdSense service. They would review your site to make sure it meets the service’s policies and rules. There are also some requirements. Keep in mind that your connected site contain enough content so in case your site is under construction, it cannot be loaded for any reason, your Google AdSense account will not going to be confirmed.

Once the service make sure your site meets the requirements they would finish activating your account. When your account is activated you will know by seeing ads on your website or blog. The activation process usually takes less than a day, however in case it took longer you need to be patient.

Google AdSense has many advantages and disadvantages that your need to consider before creating an account and start using it as a method of making money online. Make sure you have enough information about the advertising system and its features.

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