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With growth of using internet and online shopping almost everyone seeking to find a way to make money online. Among many online business available these days online advertising is an effective way of earning considerable amount of money. Google AdSense is one of the greatest advertising system that provides users with programs in order to let them make money online. This online advertising network will pay you for adding advertisement on your Web pages or any other online property. Making money with Google AdSense depends on how much you be successful in interacting people and producing engagement and valuable traffic through the ads. Once your website, blog or social media platform begins to generate many clicks and interactions you can earn lots of money through this service. By the mean the main key to making significant amount of money with Google AdSense service is only generating valuable and relevant content that leads to increasing the number of your visitors. The more visitors you have the greater is your income out of Google AdSense. Google AdSense advantages are considerable for any one who wants to earn some money online. On these article we go through some of the most important Google AdSense advantages that you may want to know before your start using the service.

What are Google AdSense advantages?

google adsense advantages
google adsense advantages

  1. Needs for no expertise.

    In case you want to go through Google AdSense programs you do not need to have special skill or be expert at anything. All you need is an online property that you be able to add ads on it and of course some methods of marketing.

  2. Easy to earn lots of money.

    In case you have a website or blog or even social media account with lots of valuable content and acceptable traffic it is so easy to earn significant amount of money through Google AdSense.

  3. No third parties involvement.

    One of the greatest Google AdSense advantages is that there is no third party there for making payments. All your revenue is going to get to you directly through Google AdSense service.

  4. Great for small publisher.

    Google AdSense is a great chance for small publishers who newly start online activities. The programs would help the to earn little income and give them the chance to increase it.

  5. No costs.

    Making money using Google AdSense programs needs no money at all. You do not need to invest and it is free to join Google AdSense programs. So there is no costs.

  6. Easy to customize.

    Google AdSense can integrate with any kind of website or blog or even social media platforms like YouTube. You even have the option to make your desire adjustment and customizations such as colors, ads types, size and anything that you feel it might impact your income.

  7. It is quick to start.

    From the first day of starting a website or blog you can start making money out of Google AdSense programs. You do not need to go through long timing process in order to start making money.

  8. Receiving constant revenue.

    One of the most important Google AdSense advantages is non stop revenue. The service enables you to generate revenue on your website or blog even if it is low. By focusing on valuable content you always would be able to increase it.

  9. User friendly interface.

    Google AdSense allow you to manage and customize your ads in any formats that you find proper for your platform or website.

  10. Ability to use single account for different platforms.

    Google AdSense enables you to make one account and use it on all your websites and blogs at the same time. This would help you to manage your earning and have all your income at one place. This is one of the greatest Google AdSense advantages for publishers who own a lot of blogs with a lot of content so they do not have to create multiple AdSense accounts.

  11. Easy and fast payment.

    UsingGoogle AdSense you do not need to be worried about how you get paid. Since the service directly sends your revenue to your bank account once it gets to $100 each month. They have also made standard check delivery available for publishers.

  12. Easy to register.

    It is completely easy to register and create a Google AdSense account in order to start making money through its programs.

  13. The ability to choose ads type.

    You have the option to choose the type of format you want to display on your website or blog. You can choose which of the different available ads type best fits your platform. You can also set the right colors and design depending on your taste.

  14. Relevant ads.

    You do not need to be worried about some ads that might not be relevant to your website or blog. Since Google uses some tools to analyze the content of your platform and post relevant ads to your blog.

  15. Ability to block competitor ads.

    One of the most important Google AdSense advantages is that the service enables you to block up to 200 URLs that may have products or services competing with your own business. By blocking the competitors URL you do not need to be worried about their ads showing up on your website and put your business in risk.

  16. Performance analyzing tools.

    Google AdSense enables your to monitor and analyze your performance through different tools and tests in order to help you maximize your earning trough engagements.


Considering all these Google AdSense advantages and disadvantages the service seems to be a great choice for making money online specially for publishers who owns a website, blog or highly interacted social media account. However like any other businesses there are some drawbacks and of course needs for hard working in order to be successful and make a lot of money.

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