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Google AdSense is an advertising service that is a great way for making money online as publisher who owns website, blog or other online property. It is a free service offered by Google while it is very easy to get started with its programs. All you need to do is to create Google AdSense account. Once you have done it you should start creating ads which contain AdSense code. Then the ads would be posted on your automatically. Whenever a visitor or reader clicks on Google AdSense ads, you will earn money from it. You must focus on deriving traffic and increase your platform’s interactions in order to be able to make significant amount of money with Google AdSense advertising system. In addition to the great chance that this service provides people who want to make money online and all the advantages, users must be aware of Google AdSense disadvantages before they start using it. In this article we mention all of the Google AdSense disadvantages in order to let you know about the facts you are facing through this service.

What are Google AdSense disadvantages?

google adsense disadvantages
google adsense disadvantages

  1. Limited language support.

    Once you want to apply for Google AdSense programs you need to first check your website or blog’s primary language since it is one of the applying requirements. Google AdSense supports limited languages and your website’s primary language must be one of them in order to be able to use the service programs. That can be one the most important Google AdSense disadvantages since it is a limitation for people with different languages.

  2. Difficult to earn significant amount of money.

    As mentioned before your revenue and profit out of Google AdSense service depends on generating clicks and increasing traffic. So it might be difficult in case you are a new publisher and you do not have lots of interactions. You need to invest a lot of time and create contents in order to promote your platform visits.

  3. Competitor ads.

    Since you do not choose which ads appear on your platform there might be competitor ads posting on your website that can risk your own business. However Google AdSense made it possible to block some URLs from appearing on your platform so you can simply recognize your competitors and block their URLs in order to prevent displaying them.

  4. Not relevant and proper ads.

    Since you have almost no control over the ads that Google AdSense choose for your website or blog you might face some ads that are unprofessional and may not relevant to your website or blog. Showing ads which are not relevant to your platform contents can impair the image of your site.

  5. Website or blog age.

    One of the Google AdSense policies is publisher’s website or blog age. There must be a specific owner ship for getting Google AdSense account approval, although this is just for some certain countries not all of them. Publishers who intend to join Google AdSense programs to make money online should own their website or blog for at least 6 months before applying for AdSense in certain countries around the world. This would stop publishers to be able to start their business through Google AdSense immediately.

  6. Physical address for account verification.

    Google AdSense uses some traditional ways for account verification this include physical address confirmation. It is necessary to confirm it for receiving payments. For most of the countries still Google follows traditional post card verification to confirm your physical address. So in case you are from those publishers who does not have physical address, or you do travel frequently this is not a good choice for you.

  7. No control over payment.

    You basically have no control over the amount of money Google AdSense pay you. This is one of the most important Google AdSense disadvantages that does not let the users negotiate about the revenue they receive per click. Google AdSense programs pays publishers a very small percentage of the pay per click revenue. This is while you cannot know exactly what percentage of the click revenue you received. However it is guessed to be 5% or less. It means that even for receiving small amount of money you need to generate lots of clicks.

  8. Ads format.

    That is through that Google AdSense enable users to customize their ads size, color and format but you are not able to format them completely according to your taste.

  9. No fixed income.

    You cannot trust Google AdSense revenue as a constant income since its earning is not fixed. It can be assumed as one of the Google AdSense disadvantages since it is a pressure on publisher when their site fail to attain traffic for any reason.

  10. Possibility of account banning forever.

    Google AdSense is so restrict about generating invalid clicks. You may be banned by the service forever if Google detects any thing that assumed deceiving from publisher id. Once Google ban your AdSense account it is for life time and you do not have any possible chance to get it back. In case Google Adsense finds any serious violation to its policies and terms then directly it closes publishers accounts forever. So keep in mind that never try to use click fraud bots, programs or software. Even make sure you never try to deceive google by fake click. As you as you use any method which would be producing artificial clicks on blog or web pages by individual or programs Google AdSense would know and it would ban you’re your account in the way that there is no chance to get it back.

  11. No convenient customer support is provided.

    Google AdSense does not provide strong customer support for its users who are the publishers or online property owners. There is basically no direct customer support help line. As a publisher in case you face any issue that needs to be clarify there is no one that can confirm the particular asking and provide you answers and support. Although Google AdSense email contact is available but according to reports it takes so long to get a reply through it.

  12. Decreasing website’s loading speed.

    One of the most important Google AdSense disadvantages is that it impacts on the page loading speed. The ads posted on your page may cause lowering loading speed that is considerable. You do not know which ads are more clicked. Google AdSense would not let you know which advertiser’s ad has made you more revenue. While in case you get to know it you can focus on creating relevant content in order to maximize your income out of it.

  13. Visitors leaving your site.

    As mentioned earlier you need traffic clicking on the ads to make money. But once your site traffic click on Google AdSense ads, they leave your site. That is through that clicking might let you make money but at the same time you lose the opportunity to make money with your own products and services in case you are providing them on your website or blog.

  14. Users blocking ads.

    Some user might have used some methods to block ads on their browsers since most of the people find ads showing up on websites annoying.

Final words

make money with google adsense
make money with google adsense

To sum up considering all Google AdSense disadvantages and advantages you can say that the service is good for some and is not good for some other. It all depends on users condition and the amount of revenue the online property owner may receive, the kind of content he has and the number of visitors he gets. Despite the Google AdSense disadvantages, the service can be a great opportunity to increase your income. But you need to keep in mind that earning significant amount of money from Google AdSense programs is not easy since it need time investment and using marketing methods in order to increase traffic and engagement.

Through this service you should be focusing on building content and driving traffic and in the mean time be patient about the low revenue. However you can always choose different alternatives of making money online such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping or selling your own goods and services. Since all these online marketing jobs would need the same amount of time you need to invest for AdSense. So before starting going through these advertising program as a goal to make money online make sure you have read its review and considered its advantages and disadvantages and think over about its alternatives.

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