These days people spend a lot of time online using internet. In addition to many impacts that using internet have had on society we can see a sharp increase in online shopping and internet marketing. This has leaded brands and product owners to count on advertising and selling on the internet. Since social media platforms are most important part of internet which have been using by majority of people all around the world advertising on social media has developed widely. Influencer marketing shows up here while it is a form of marketing which focuses on number of people on social media who can effect others points of view and persuade them to take specific action. These individuals usually have influence over potential customers, so business owners would stablish advertising activities around influencers.

By marketing through social networks brand owners and businesses would make instance purchase process possible since any customer can see the item and typically be connected to an online retailer immediately through social media platforms.

Why influencer marketing?

influencer marketing
Why is it effective?

The way that people and potential customers access information and make decisions has changed by increased use of internet and specially social medias. Now people look up online to gather information about products and services and based on these information they decide to purchase the items or not. According to recent researches and studies 75% of buyers influenced by information found on social media platforms. Although you can not ignore the influences of outbound marketing and traditional forms of advertising it is not smart to underestimate the influencer marketing effect which can be greater since influencers are in relevant relationship with potential customers.

How influencer marketing works?

influencer marketing function
influencer marketing function

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying and researching specific products. By the mean by going through this type of marketing you will gain engaging and supporting of potential customers by using people who make high impact on them about particular brand, products or services.

Influencer content can be in the way that the influencer person would role as a user and buyer or it can be just advertising as a third party. In case the influencers play roll as product users they can persuade others to purchase the product by giving expressions about its feature and show their follower how they have benefit the particular product. They can be also journalists or analysts who are professional on specific area related to particular products or services and they go through professional advertising as a third party.

It all depend on the business or brand owner to decide how the advertisement is going to be. However the idea and opinion of the selected influencer is of course considerable since they would know more about their audience’s taste and how to convince them.

How influencer marketing benefits businesses?

influencer marketing
how is it effective?

By advertising using influencers you have the chance to drive and attach more awareness about your products or services and raise audiences. And this can lead your brand to get social proof and improved advertising that can cause increased sale.

As influencers confirm your brand you will get one step closer to gain more people’s trust and loyalty.

Tips to have efficient influencer marketing

influencer marketing tips
Tips you need to consider in influencer marketing

In order to achieve your goal and get to massive increased sales by influencer marketing there are some tips you better consider. Here is a list of most important ones.

Identify and choose the Most Relevant Influencers to have effective advertisement. When choosing influencers try to consider the geography, category, or other relevant data such as post contents on social media platforms to be able to choose your best option that fits your business.

Ask Your Influencers about the preferred content. Make sure to deliver content and advertising material to your selected influencers in the format that is more convenient for them. Ask them if they rather go through videos, audios or printed content.

Try small social media platforms as you try the huge ones. Since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have millions of users around the world they might be the first taught for influencer marketing but always try to search for small platforms and see the result can be satisfying.

Define and get to know your potential customers. Knowing your target customers and understanding how they like your product and the ways of getting it can lead you toward a successful influencer marketing.

Measure Your Results and efficiency during the influencer marketing. Always check if you are on the right path. Keep track of your effectiveness using variety of method to be able to reform your action.

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