Sale, sale, sale; as a small business owner or owner of an internet website, that is what you always have in mind. When it comes to money and business, your goal is to make your customers have a good and positive experience on the purchase process of your website. If you have a good product or service but you can not sell it to anyone, this will be a great disadvantage for you and your business. That’s why you need to look for the best international payment gateway. In addition to making it possible to make international purchases on your website for customers, international payment gateways make sure your customers have a great experience on the payment gateway.

An important point here is that you need to choose a payment gateway which reliable, efficient and cost effective. This guide here helps you to make the best choice if you are looking for an online payment system for your business.

some information about online payment gateways

96% of Americans choose to buy online and on the internet (It is expected to have 224 million Internet purchases by 2019 in the US), so as you are reading this article, your customers are already familiar with the steps involved in making an online purchase.

online payment

The usual routine of shopping is always the same, write the of the product you are looking for, look for what you want exactly, add it to the Internet shopping cart, and click the Pay online button!

With an online payment gateway, you save your valuable work and time; there is no need that the customer manually execute the payment process. On the other hand, having an online payment gateway can allow your customers to use several methods to pay for products and services.

As a result, you will have more customers!

If the payment method your customer can pay for does not exist on your website, the customer simply leaves the website.

Another point here is that by offering an international payment gateway, you allow worldwide customers to buy from you with any currency. This is of course a point of advantage if you want to expand your business and offer your services beyond the borders.

What should we consider in choosing an international payment gateway?

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of offering online payment and how an international payment gateway can help your business grow, the next step is to make a wise choice and choose the payment gateway that works best for your business.

Here are the points you need to consider if you want to choose the best payment gateway for your business.


Well, it is quite natural. No one will provide their most sensitive financial information to a website that is not reliable and does not look secure enough. You do need an online payment gateway to give your customers a safe payment experience.

An effective way to display a credible logo on your website, for example, the logo of the supported banks, PayPal logo, and the SSL logo.

More than 80% of customers feel secure on your website by seeing these logos.

Security is one of the most important criteria in choosing the best international payment gateway.


As with any other service, charges will be applied to you upon using it and online payment gateways are no exception.

You will have to pay for the transactions that the payment gateway processes for you. So, before you make your choice and pick a payment gateway service, be sure to focus on the costs that you will have to pay for that service.

Costs include items such as transaction costs, return of money to the customer (refunds), and costs of becoming a merchant.

And above all, you need to make sure there are no hidden costs your customers face in the payment process.

Supported methods of payment

The truth is, the simpler the process of making the payment, the more willing your customers are to buy from you.

The fact that you support multiple payment methods in your online store is of course a great point of advantage for your business.

Most commonly used methods supported by most online stores are Visa, Master Card and PayPal payment systems.

But not all online stores support online payment methods such as WebMoney, Perfect Money, Skrill, or cryptocurrencies. So, if you support these payment methods, this will be a point of advantage for your business.

We suggest using statistical tools such as Google Analytics to find out your customers are mostly from which country or city. This is useful because acceptable payment methods may vary from country to country.

On the other hand, even having a variety of payment methods will increase the sense of security for your customers.

Best international payment gateway for webmasters and business owners

The number of valid and reliable payment gateways which offer payment systems for your business is not small. However, a big name might not always be the most cost effective option for you especially if you have a start-up and things are a little tight with the cash flow. The most famous names when it comes to offering international payment gateway are PayPal and Amazon.

In what follows, I will introduce a payment system that allows you to create secure and simplified experience for your customers while it is absolutely cost-effective for your business.

PayPax: Best international payment gateway

PayPax is an online service provider that offers a number of great features. With a PayPax account, you can request an international payment gateway that can support a wide variety of payment methods, including international bank cards, digital currency, and cryptocurrency.

PayPax pays an interest for your deposit on a monthly and annual basis, which is seen very rarely among other payment systems. It also offers various levels of user plans that cater to different needs.

In the table below, you can see a comparison of different online payment systems.

Comparison of the best international payment systems with PayPax
Amazon PaymentsPayPaxPayPalAuthorize.Net2Checkout
Transaction fee2.9% + $0.300.5%2.9% + $0.302.9% + $0.302.9% + $0.30
Cross network payment fees
3.9% + $0.30N/A4.4% + fixed feeExtra 1.5%Extra 1.5%
Monthly fee$010 – 30$ monthly$0$25$0
Refund fee$20$0$20$25$20
Configuration fee$0$0$0$49$0
Supported payment systemsMost main systemsMost main systems + digital currency & cryptocurrencyMost main systemsMost main systemsMost main systems
Number of supported currencies

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