Internet marketing, no matter how big your business is, is the cheapest way to reach your target market and get brand recognition. But what exactly is the definition of this type of marketing and what are its types? Let’s get acquainted with this concept.

What exactly is internet marketing?

Internet marketing, also referred to as online marketing, is the process of introducing a business or brand and its products and services on the internet using tools that attract visitors and ultimately leads to sales.

This type of digital marketing is a very broad concept that includes tactics and marketing strategies such as content, email, search, advertising media, and more.

But these days, we often hear the term ‘Content Marketing‘ more than Internet Marketing. But why is that and how content marketing has become so significant?

Because content marketing is a strategy used now and will definitely be used in the future as well.


Content Marketing Institute provides content marketing definition as follows:

A kind of strategic marketing approach focused on constructing and distributing valuable content, relevant and with strong arguments to attract the target audience, and ultimately triggering a customer response that is profitable.

You can think of internet marketing or content marketing (or inbound marketing) as contrasted to traditional advertising (outbound marketing) which is in accordance with the pattern of life and the habits of today’s generation.

Today’s generation does want its information to be sold. They usually enable ad-blocker plug-in on their web browser, and they rarely watch TV.

In fact, in internet marketing strategy is not what people today are reluctant to notice. By producing content, while trying to solve and educate the users, customers become more reachable and advertisers easily achieve their goals.

That’s why today, internet marketing is more likely to appear in the form of content marketing.

Why internet marketing is superior to its traditional form?

Now that you know what Internet marketing is, you may want to know why it is so important.

Internet marketing has proved its success many times and over.


Some statistics can shed light on the importance and features of this type of marketing.

  • By 2019, content marketing will turn into an industry worth 313 billion.
  • 91 percent of businesses have now realized the power of this kind of marketing and use it as their most crucial tactic.
  • Content marketing is 62% cheaper than its traditional type, but it is 3 times more effective than the traditional marketing.
  • If you own a small business and you have a blog, you’re likely to be 126% more successful than your other opponents who do not have a blog.
  • If you have a blog and publish content in it, your pages are likely to be 434 times more indexed on Google.

Types of internet marketing


bloggingOne of the most common types of content, is blog posts and articles.

A blog is a powerful tool that allows you to create multiple posts, pages and content on the Internet.

By blogging you can provide the users with what they need with the help of this platform. These needs can be educational or entertainment.

Ultimately, meeting these needs will lead to gaining popularity on the Internet and will attract popularity for your product or service.


infographicThe image you see above is an illustrative image or Infographic that is an attractive way to deliver valuable information to the reader.

These images, charts, graphics, and visual arts are used to explain a subject. This type of content is easy to grasp and easy to share for your readers and your prospects.





podcastFor those of you who are not very good at writing and find it difficult to convert their ideas into writing, making a podcast is a good option.

Just like radio news, or audio stories, users can listen to their podcasts, except that it’s possible to download podcasts at any time.

If you are a good speaker, use this method to communicate useful content to others.




videoVideo is the most attractive type of content nowadays. People just looove to sit back at their desk and be fed by the video they watch.

Statistics are amazing in this regard. According to Social Media Today:

  • By 2021, videos will account for 82% of Internet traffic.
  • Every day, more than 500 million hours of video are watched.

These statistics show why video is now the most popular form of content. Users find it absolutely easy to communicate with the content through watching a video.


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