With the growth of using internet many people these days seek to find online jobs that enable them to make money easily from home without needing to spend certain hours of a day on office or invest huge amount of money at start. There are many freelancing jobs that answer this demands. One of these jobs is going through pay per click websites and programs to make money by viewing ads of other businesses and brands. Neobux is one of those online platforms that enables you make money with pay per click programs as a publisher or advertisement visitor. It is a good way to earn revenue for webmasters and people with a large amount of daily visits on their online property. On this article, we are going to explain how to make money with Neobux and the ways in which it can be used to earn revenue.

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Advertising and promoting business to make money on NeoBux

NeoBux website services include two sections for buying pay per click advertising for your business or brand in order to increase your sale, and the section that enables users to click on ads, view them and receive revenue.

Using NeoBux or any other pay per click advertising websites for advertising is usually not very beneficial for business promotion, especially if you intend to sell a product or service. The people who view this advertisement literally get something as a revenue, and therefore they are not interested in buying anything usually. If you plan to increase your site traffic and generate more sales you better try alternative advertising strategies such as email marketing.

About 99% of ads on the NeoBux website belong to other pay per click advertising platforms and services. Since you can buy 10,000 ads at a price of less than $ 20, this website is a good start for people with low investment to be seen and known in this way. But if you plan to increase sales and promote your business through ads on advertisements on this website, that is almost impossible.

Techniques to make money with Neobux

make money with neobux
make money with neobux

Due to the fact that on this website, for every ad you view, you will be paid a little money, you cannot make considerable money with daily clicks on ads. You can earn around 5 cents a day through NeoBux without having to send visitors. It is almost nothing to spend time and effort on. The real way that users use NeoBux to earn money is by sending the viewers or visitors. You can directly encourage others to visit the ads or pay money for renting a referral for a certain period of time and receive a commission from their activities.

For example, in case you have a website with a lot of viewers you can ask your website subscribers and visitors to click on ads by placing your own link. In this way, a small revenue will be added to your account with each click that your website or channel visitors are generating.

Doing small work and completing suggestions to make money with Neobux

To gain credit and enhance your account, you can earn points by doing small tasks or completing the NeoBux offers. This small work includes downloading and installing an application on your iPhone, running a game, or completing an online survey form.

Promote membership and purchase golden packs

If you want to get more commissions for each click on advertisements, you can upgrade your membership to one year by paying $ 90 fee. You can also buy bucks to with paying $100 dollar with your account faster. The most expensive package is $ 900.

Nowadays, many users have to spend money on NeoBux and other similar websites and platforms to make money, but if you ask us, we say that this is a risk. If you are going to invest in this type of websites, earning revenue and returning investment might be difficult.

Even some users complained that after upgrading their account by paying money, their account was blocked and they could not get the money back.

How to set up Neobux account?

neobux account
set up instruction

  1. The first thing you can do to sign up for NeoBox is to visit Neobux’s official website at neobux.com.

  2. Registration on this website is free and you can register on it similar to other regular websites.

  3. On the top of the screen tap on register bottom.

  4. On the appeared screen complete the form with the required information.

    You need to choose a username and set up a password for your account. Then re enter your password to confirm it. Your Email address is required and after entering it, the validation code will be sent to confirm your email with this method. On the next box in case you have a Payza. Netteler or PayPal account, you must enter the associated email address. On the referrer box if anyone has introduced this website to you, you can increase his rating by entering his username in this box. Then you have to enter your birth date and then agree to the website’s terms, enter the verification code and tap continue.

  5. Then you will be redirected to another page that will prompt you to enter the code sent to your email.

  6. After completing this step, your registration will be successful, and now you should enter the website and start using its features.

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