Everything you need to know about MoneyGram

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MoneyGram is one of the largest services which provides international money transfers in the world with around 380,000 agent locations in 200 different countries all around the world. Millions of customers around the world are connected to each other with MoneyGram while they are able to transfer funds internationally to friends and family members no matter where they are, within minutes. The service allow you to just with having passports or other documents such as a driver’s license and one Ten digit code even without a bank account in the destination country, get your cash. You do not also need a credit card to withdraw your money. MoneyGram is known as the fastest service which provides cash pickup and money transfer all over the world while the process would only take 10 minutes to be done.

Online transfer

MoneyGram online
online transactions

 MoneyGram also can be considered as an electronic payment system since it provides users with online international transfers for extra convenience. By the mean using MoneyGram enables you to go through all the advantages of electronic payment systems while you can send funds to friends and family members whenever you need from anywhere around the universe and also it is possible to make online transfers to your recipient’s overseas bank account. It is easy to use MoneyGram for online cash transfers since MoneyGram allows you to use its online transfer service as a guest if you do not want to sign up for an account for any reason. However in case you want to sign up for an online transfer account you just need to provide your name, email address, phone number, date of birth and payment information. Once you confirm your identity with proof of ID or contacting MoneyGram your account is setup and you would be able to sign in and enter information about your receiver’s name, how much money you want to transfer and finally where it will be sent. When the transaction is processed and finished you will get a reference number to share with the person you sent the money and then he or she can collect the money from their nearest agent.

In case you choose to transfer funds using monogram agent then you are able to send money to 200 countries and territories around the world, however online cash transfers can be sent to most of the same destinations as well. Using MoneyGram you can always make online money transfers, money transfers, money orders, bill payment services, and pre-paid services. The MoneyGram rates depend on the location you are sending money from and of course the place you are sending the money to there.

Types of transfer

MoneyGram offers three types of transfers, Cash-to-cash transfers are made from an agent location anywhere in certain countries and can be picked up from a MoneyGram branch. Online cash transfers, would let you transfer founds online at any time anywhere and allow the receiver to collect the cash from a Branch. You also can use send to Account transfers, which allow you to deposit funds directly into anyone’s bank account directly online.

In all types of transfer the main benefit of using this system for cash transfers is that the money is available for the receiver to collect quickly, often in as fast as 10 minutes. When the receiver goes to the MoneyGram branch to receive the money you sent them, they need to provide your legal name, government-issued identification and the transaction reference number.

Is MoneyGram safe?

moneygram safety
safety and privacy concerns

When choosing a transfer system the most important factor that needs to be considered is safety and security. Using MoneyGram you can make sure that your funds are safely tracked until in the hands of your recipient. Also in case you want to transfer money internationally then you can be sure that federal protections are there in the particular destination banks, credit unions and money transfer companies. Using MoneyGram would give you 30 minutes to cancel a transfer for any reason. MoneyGram would also give you guaranty that it would protect your banking information when you make money transactions and considering its many years in business, it has managed a number of safeguards.

MoneyGram licensed money transmitter has successfully completed millions of transfers over the years and it enables users to easily track their transfers online by entering your last name and the reference number you received in your transaction’s confirmation. Also the service uses physical, technical and administrative security measures, and the company’s website is verified by Entrust, Inc and the company is listed on NASDAQ.

MoneyGram mobile app

mobile app
mobile app

Using the app you can send money from anywhere, to anywhere else fast and easy. The app is designed to make it faster and easier to send money worldwide 7 days, 24 hours. In addition you are able to pay bills, track transfers, estimate fees, find locations, and take lots of more options through the app platform. It is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices. The app has made big effort in order to Enhanced security and information protection. Biometric login capability and credit card/ID scanner is available through the app in order to add protection and privacy. Here is a list of other features briefly.

1.   The ability to check currency exchange rates and estimate fees

2.   Pay With Cash which allows you to start your transaction on the app and complete at a location

3.   Send payments for child support, healthcare and inmate services

4.   Track your transfers

5.   Find nearby agent locations

6.   View history or pending transactions

7.   Variety of receive options such as bank account, mobile wallet or cash pick-up

And many other features.

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