When it comes to earning money through PTC (paid to click) ads, Neobux website is definitely one of the most known websites. In two of the recent ICOs, although they were backed by two known faces, it turned out that they were scams. Of course, we’re not going to conclude soon, because the Neobux site has many users, and we are going to introduce the website and the services that it presents first, and then explain about the possibility of fraud and the comments that users have.

What is Neobux?

This website is a PTC website that pays its users for clicking on ads and visiting sponsored websites over a period of time. The amount of time you are allowed to spend on this task is about 12 seconds, so you can not say your time is wasted. The money you get from clicking on ads is definitely not comparable to daily salaries, but this website offers other ways to maximize your income by performing tasks, participating in surveys, and presenting various offers.


If we want to specify a short answer to the question “Is Neobux real or a scam?”, we must say according to some users who have had the experience of working with this website, it should be said that this site is not a scam, but it may not be possible to use it as a good source of making money online. To have good revenue from this website, you should have a good source of daily visits. For example, a website, a blog or a full-featured channel that you can redirect a lot of daily visitors to Neobux ads.

We suggest that if you want to register on this website, first do not pay for purchasing plans so you can get a good idea of how it works during the initial period.

The mechanism of CTP websites like NeoBux

Today, business owners are looking for new ways to reach their customers with less investment. The idea of PTC advertising is one of the best practices for such people to reach their intended users at a low cost and in a short time. The PTC advertising system is that business owners pay the website, such as Neobux.com, to display their ads to new customers, and on the other side, the users (for example, webmasters) will also receive money for seeing these ads.

If you do not have a great resource of visitors, you can not get a great advertising revenue from such websites. As we said before, this is not all that Nebux does. You can also earn money by filling out a series of forms and performing simple tasks.

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On the other hand, for those who want to advertise their sites, CTP advertising websites are a very inexpensive and cost-effective way. NeoBux is a way for both visitors to benefit from viewing advertising and business owners to reach potential customers.

If you expect a daily average income, NeoBux will not appeal to you for quick payday revenues. Only 10% of the total members of this site reach the minimum amount of withdrawal from this website and consequently, they leave the website with no revenue!

The main reason for this is that every user sees daily advertising for $0.03 a day. That is, if you want to work alone for this website and do not use the referral feature of this website to attract more users, you can not earn more than that and it is suggested that you do not go for that!

How to earn money from Neobux?

NeoBux has various user referencing programs that you can use to increase your revenue. It is still hard to attract users who continue to stay active for a long time and click on daily ads. A survey found that only 20% of your referral users are active because of low income on this website.

Negative feedbacks about Neobux


Apart from the fact that this website is one of the top websites for earning money through viewing ads, there are many complaints about the referral program and the support of this site from users. During our search for these complaints, we chose some of this complains and we listed them here.

  • Attacking its competitors – This website has been accused of attacking its rival site, Probux. This issue happened when users of NeoBux were using the site’s toolkit on their computer. Most likely, this website was trying to disrupt the Probux website when users opened both Probux and Neobux websites in a browser. More protests came when this website eliminated users’ claims that Probux had been attacked by rivals in the forum discussions.
  • Sensitivity to tablets and mobile phones – There are reports that  this website eliminates user accounts that have been targeted to advertisements with their Android tablet or tablet. If this website informs users about this issue, it’s not a problem, but the point is that these accounts will be deleted as soon as they reach the minimum withdrawal amount!
  • Rental referrals are bots – Rental referrals are non-sponsored users that register on this website. Any user can purchase a Neobux rental and keep it as a referral. But it seems that the program this website gives users is actually a bot!
  • Poor support – there are reports that Neobux offers poor support to its users and will respond late. The website support team does not respond well to users. One of the users who has been working on this site says that his account has been removed without notice and that none of his emails are answered.

Of course, you should know that perhaps part of the problems users have with the Neobux Advertising system is due to the failure to read the rules and mechanism of this site. For example, you should not use the Mobile and Tablet to work with this site. Or, in order to get your commission for each click, you have to click on each advertisement.

Do you have experience working with this site? Tell us about it!

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