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Working online as a freelancer can be amazing with growth of internet all around the world. Upwork is one of those popular platforms that enables the possibility of connecting clients and freelancer in different job posts and projects. There are over 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients registered on Upwork website this is while there are 3 million new jobs available every year. But considering the competition between freelancers who attend for the jobs and limited number of job positions available winning a post can be difficult. This is where Upwork profile is important. According to many user’s experiences that have had a lot of success with finding clients through Upwork and we believe that having a complete and proper Upwork profile can leads to success path.

Tips to create amazing Upwork profile

upwork profile
create amazing upwork profile

As mentioned earlier creating strong Upwork profile can be very helpful in attracting clients and winning job positions available on the platform. Here is a list of tips that you may want to consider once your are creating your Upwork profile in order to start to make money as a freelancer.

List your skills

Make sure you have made a list of your skills and what you are good at, ready to add to your Upwork profile. Write 5 to 10 top skills that enable you to do your desired job. Keep in mind that the skill list must contain those skills which are relevant to your job category and the jobs you are applying to. Upworks enables you to provide drag your list and drop it into your profile directly. It is recommended that you sort your skills by the fact that how professional you are at them. You would also take upwork tests according to skills that you have listed and add them to your profile.

Take Upwork skills tests

Upwork provides many different skill tests. Make sure that you spend time taking some of them that are relevant to your skills and jobs that you are applying for. Find the tests that are relevant to your niche and simply take advantages of taking them. The platform would enable you to place skill tests results on your profile. This would let potential clients to view your results and choose you considering them. By the mean a good score on skill tests would absolutely improve your chances of getting the job positions available on the platform. However you do not need to worry in case your tests are not looking good since you can still get jobs without any tests on your profile. But generally taking upwork skill tests is beneficial to your profile while it is a confirmation to your skills and ability to do jobs.

Choose the right job title

Once it gets to choosing the job title you might think that it is easy to simply right the title. But the thing that is important is that many other freelancers might have chosen the same title and this would not let you stand out. So you better try to choose more specific job title. For example in case you are a graphic designer do not simply write it as your job title try to make more specific by choosing logo designer or interface designer for example.

Make your proposals about your clients

While writing your proposal it is very important to focous on your client needs. Try to emphasize on how you will help solve your client needs. Focus on the problem the client has wants to solve and for that he is offering a job position and then try to say how you can be solution to that problem. You have the option to reference experiences and skills that you have and the results that you achieved for clients with similar purposes. Keep mentioning why clients need to choose you and how your skills and tact can benefit their business.

Select experience level on your profile

Selecting experience level is one of the parts of upwork profile completion. There are 3 levels to choose as your experience level, Entry Level, Intermediate and Expert. The names would state what they mean. You must choose your experience level base on your relevant jobs on upwork and out of it both. The level would assume to be the level of overall professional experience you hold in your niche in or out of upwork platform. Keep in mind that you better be honest. By the mean in case you are just starting to work in particular niche be honest and choose Entry level even if it may not be a help to your profile but it let clients gauge your ability for handling different job positions and projects. In case you have not just started then you can choose Intermediate or Expert depending on the period of time that you have been working and the number of projects that you were part of them.

Lower bidding is not helpful

At the beginning you might think that in case you offer for lower bidding you have more chance to win the job. But it is not always like that. Since many clients would assume that the lower bidders would offer lower quality service and they might reject you. So it is ok to ask for higher bidding and then once you got the client at negotiation table you can offer some discount.

Choose a proper and professional profile picture

You will be able to add a profile picture to your upwork profile. Keep in mind to choose professional looking image for it. Choose a picture of you in a professional outfit or while working and try to choose a high quality image. Have a proper clothes and try to smile. The first look even if it is one the photo can be so effective.

Link your upwork profile to other account

You have the option to link your profile to social media accounts such as Facebook, or twitter. This would let your potential clients browse your portfolio and know what you are doing better. Doing this is optional for you as a freelancer but it can be very helpful while it can build knowledge and trust for your client. So try not to ignore this easy option.

Mention you previous experience

You should place previous working experience and projects that you have done into your profile. You can even add documents and files about your works in case they are not containing any sensitive information about your client or yourself. Try to offer those bright experiences and perfect works that you have done before. There is no limitation of how many work you can add but three or four different examples is enough to show your expertise and what you are good at.

Include your educational background

Including your educational experiences would let clients know about your level of knowledge. Giving a record of your educational background can be a good help when you are trying to show what you do and how your skills can be useful. This also would let you emphasize on your niche. Once you have decided to include educational records to your profile you should make a detailed description of each education item along with the institution’s name and program ready and then simply add it to your upwork profile. There is a part named as “other experiences” available on your profile where you are able to add any informal education or activities. Make sure to include research projects or competitions, or any other learning experiences relevant to your demanding job.

Add an introduction video

Adding an introduction video is an optional feature that can be very useful in optimizing your profile on the platform. Remember that adding an introduction video will allow you to present yourself and your abilities completer than simple words while it is very easier for clients to focus on what you are stating. Videos are strong tools to let people see what you are offering and grab their attention. So even if you do not know how to create one find a way to do it and add it to your profile.



Generally as a freelancer it is a great chance to set up your upwork profile and start working on the platform.  There is no doubt that upwork is a great place to start to get to know the world of freelancing. Keep in mind to use the tips mentioned in building your profile and never forget to start projects that you truly love since in case you love your job you are successful in it for sure.

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