PayPal is one of the most popular electronic payment systems used by many people and businesses all around the world for financial purposes. PayPal has a lot of advantages that has made the company stand out in the market of online transactions. One of the benefits of using PayPal is the ability to refund a transaction. If you are not satisfied with a transaction with PayPal, or you have regretted it for any reason you can get the transaction amount back. On this article we are going through PayPal refund option and tips you need to know about it.

How is PayPal refund done?

paypal refund
how to request for a refund?

If you have made a payment but is still pending, you can click the Cancel button on the Activity page.

In case you have used PayPal to make a payment and you want to request refund for any reason you can ask the merchant in case the transaction is completed by sending an email for example. You should ask the merchant seller to go to the transaction details page of his PayPal account and click on the Issue a refund option. You can request a PayPal refund in this way for up to 180 days after you have made a payment.

How to find contact information of merchant to ask for PayPal refund?

In case you want to access the merchant contact information to ask him for a refund you must go to the Account Summary page, and click on the transaction you want to cancel. There you can use the vendor contact information to contact him and request refund.

In case you failed to convince the merchant for requesting refund for any reason you have the option to set up a Dispute to PayPal.

However keep in mind that your request is justified in case one of the following conditions is true. First if you have not received the product or service that you have paid for it. If you have bought something that has not come to you yet, you can set up a dispute at least after 3 days.

Second in case the product that you have paid for it is in conflict with the description by the mean in case you have received something that is significantly different from the seller’s explanation, you can ask for returning the product by agreeing to pay the shipping cost.

Note that PayPal does not have any role during dispute resolution and in fact you are negotiating with the merchant in his PayPal User Panel.

Each dispute resolution is closed by PayPal after 20 days. If your dispute still persists, you can set up a claim to involve PayPal for resolution.

How to turn dispute to claim for PayPal refund?

To convert a Dispute to a Claim, you must follow the instruction below in up to 20 days of creating the Dispute.

1.Enter Resolution Center.

2.Next to the Dispute that you created and you tend to turn it to a claim, select View.

3.Select the Escalate to PayPal option at the bottom of the screen.

4.Enter any information you think should be included and PayPal Experts may need to know and then select Submit.

Now you have to wait for PayPal to process your claim. It may take up to 30 days.

How are funds returned?

paypal refund
funds are going to be returned to you depending on your payment method in the transaction

Depending on which payment method you have gone through, the refund can be different, go through the chart below for more specific information.

Payment methodWhere does the money goHow long it would take?
Credit card including PayPal credit card Credit card Up to 30 days
Bank account Bank account 3 to 5 business days
PayPal cash or PayPal plusPayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account balanceThe same day that you request
Debit card Debit card Up to 30 days
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