Once you set up an online business to provide services or sell products on your website the key to success and promotion is traffic and visitor to your online property. The most important part of setting up a successful online business is getting targeted traffic. By targeted traffic we mean visitor who are potential customers and may need and purchase what you offer on your website. Nowadays many businesses and brand owners use PPC advertising to drive more traffic to their website, reach more people and attract potential customers in a cost effective way. PPC can have considerable impact on your businesses and brands especially when you are beginner. In case you have not doing PPC marketing then you may lose the chance of attracting valuable traffic and revenue. On this article we are going through some of the most important PPC benefits and drawbacks for businesses that you need to be aware of them before going through it.

How does PPC work?

Before we start to talk about PPC benefits and drawbacks, let us learn how PPC works briefly. PPC refers to Pay Per Click programs where businesses would set up contracts with publishers and online property owners to pay them for displaying business’s ads on their blog and website to generate clicks and draw traffics. By the mean PPC would enable business owners to reach more people while publishers or in some cases viewers can make money with Pay Per Click.

PPC benefits and advantages for businesses

ppc benefits
ppc benefits

Here is a list of fundamental PPC benefits that has encourage many brands and business owners to go through its programs.

Cost effective

Pay Per Click advertising is cost effective and budget friendly since as a business owner you only have to pay a small fee when a user actually reaches your website and clicks on your ads. On the other hand you have the full control over the amount you want to spend and you can choose to pay as much or as little as you like.

Target specific audiences

On Pay Per Click programs you have the option to choose audience based on factors that you think matters to your business. As an example you can filter audiences based on location, language and device and display your ads to specific people.

Reach potential audiences

When you are going through PPC advertising to improve your business you have the control to decide where and when your ads appear. You can set up keywords and then your ads would be displayed once people search that specific keyword. You can also choose to add your ads to related and relevant websites and blogs so that you can attract potential customers that may need your services and products.

Measurable and trackable

Once you set up PPC campaigns for your business you have the option to use a lot of tools and programs offered by PPC services to carefully measure effectiveness. By the mean you can monitor and determine how your campaign is successful and how much your return on your investment.


 As mentioned earlier one of the most important PPC benefits is that you can measure your returns and estimate the effectiveness of this type of advertising. In addition to that you have the option to make many small adjustments in order to improve your advertising campaign.

Educational materials and training resources

You can go through many available online courses and educational materials which are available on the internet free in order to start more successful advertising campaign and choose the right PPC program that suits your business.

Fast and quick results

 One of the most important PPC benefits is that you will see the impact on your business almost immediately. Rather than organic search engine optimization (SEO) that takes many times to reach results PPC can produce immediate promotion and business improvement that you can monitor.

Brand recognition

In case you are new in business or you have just started your own brand PPC can help you introduce yourself using the feature of targeting keywords related to your industry. By this people searching for those keywords and interested in what you offer will constantly see your ads. Although using general keywords in ads may not lead you to increase your sales, but they can help you increase your brand awareness. Once people know your brand you can use different campaigns focusing on sale increase and promotion.

PPC drawbacks and disadvantages

ppc disadvantages
ppc disadvantages

Here is a list of most important PPC challenges and drawbacks that you need to know before you start Pay Per Click advertising.

Requires times and efforts

It might seem that using PPC campaign is easy and does not require any time investment but it is not through. You cannot start going through PPC campaigns and leave them to make your desired result by their own. You need to invest time, track and monitor your result and put efforts on optimizing and improving your PPC campaign to get the best results.

Requires skills and knowledge

You need to go through available tutorials and educational material to practice methods to set up effective campaigns. You can also choose to use a specialist agency similar to many other businesses. It would lead to more money and time investment.

Costs may add up with no return

In case you fail monitoring and optimizing your campaigns to get your desired return out of PPC advertising and investment your money is wasted. You will need to allocate budget and spend money on PPC campaigns so it would be frustrating if you do not get to the desired result which is business promotion and sale increase.

Clicks do not always lead to sales 

Pay Per Click advertising would only guarantee to generate clicks and derive traffics to your business website but are all those click would be led to sales? Of course not. Once the potential customers visit your website it is on you to convince the user to purchase what you offer as a product or service. 

On the other hand there are some paid traffic programs. Imagine that you are offering a product or a service for sale on your website and go through PPC programs and pay for clicks but you get traffic through untrusted sources. These would cause the fact that you will not get any sales and promotions of your campaign. There are even some platforms and websites that enable people to get paid to surf and view ads. These people would be visiting thousands of websites and ads for making small income. By these you may spend money and time while you get no sale increase and promotion.

Final words

ppc benefits and drawbacks

You cannot ignore PPC benefits for businesses and brands while they are set up with the main purpose of generating fast results and targeting the right people at the right time. This type of advertising can improve your business and increase your sales in effective way. However there are some drawbacks that may make your investment and effort useless. It is important to know all the aspects of pay per click programs and improve your knowledge and skill in advertising campaigns and decide whether PPC benefits would overcome its disadvantages or not.

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