WebMoney is one of the online and digital payment systems that works in terms of international currencies such as dollar or euro. Using this Russian payment system makes it easy to buy online from online stores and transfer the agreed amount through its payment system. In my previous articles, I have fully explained how you can make a WebMoney account and how to work with this system. What we are going to address in this article is how to transfer WebMoney or how to transfer currency between two webMoney accounts.

Transfer WebMoney

First of all, I should mention that by transferring WebMoney, we mean when you transfer money from one WebMoney account to another. In fact, you can do this right from within your WebMoney wallet and without the need to get help from a third-part agent.

So, in order to transfer WebMoney, the prerequisite is that you need to know how to work with WM Keeper Standard. In what follows, I will explain how you can use it to transfer money with WebMoney.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to login to your WebMoney account on WM Keeper Standard website.
  2. From the top menu, select “Home” tab and select “To a wallet” from the menu on the left.

transfer webmoney

  1. On the next step, you will see a window where you need to enter the transfer information.
  • In the “To” section, you must enter the wallet address of the recipient. (Note that each WebMoney wallet starts with its own letter, depending on the currency it holds. For example, WebMoney Dollar wallet starts with Z. Also, remember you can’t transfer money from a Euro wallet to a Dollar wallet).
  • In the “Amount” section, select the desired amount for transfer and the transfer currency (WMZ for the dollar, WME for the euro, WMR for the ruble, etc.).
  • In the “Note” section, you must enter the transfer description, which is the same as the reason for transferring money on WebMoney.
  • In the “Transfer Type” section, you must specify the type of transfer. For example, if you select the “Using a transaction protection code” option, the transfer operation will only succeed if the recipient understands the correct password for the transfer. Otherwise, after the “Protection Period”, the transfer amount will be returned to your account.

transfer webmoney

  1. After selecting “Continue” in the previous step, a page will be displayed to you in which the transfer WebMoney information is described. If you have chosen the encrypted transaction, on this page you must also choose how to send the code for authentication. By choosing “E-NUM confirmation”, the transfer confirmation code is sent to the recipient via the E-NUM application. you can download the E-NUM application directly from Google Play. This app is used for WebMoney transactions, and it’s used to increase the security of WebMoney transactions.

transfer webmoney

  1. After choosing “OK”, a message will be displayed on the success of the transfer, and you can follow this transfer through the list of the most recent transactions.

transfer webmoney

Tips on how to transfer WebMoney

If you are among those who, after studying above, intend to transfer WebMoney to another WebMoney account, you should consider some important points in this regard. We have listed a number of these points below:

  1. What is the fee to transfer WebMoney?

For each money transfer on WebMoney, 0.8% of the total transfer amount is deducted as a transfer fee.

  1. Is the transaction fee deducted from the sender or receiver?

The amount of the transfer fee will be deducted from the sender, and the transfer will not be made if the amount of the person’s balance is less than the amount of the fee.

  1. Can we transfer WebMoney from a dollar account to a non-dollar account?

No, transferring money is only possible on the same accounts, for example, you can not transfer your WebMoney dollar balance to a Euro account.

  1. What happens if the recipient enters the transfer password incorrectly for multiple times?

If the receiver enters the wrong password within the transfer deadline multiple times, the amount will be returned to the sender.

  1. What happens if I enter the recipient’s address incorrectly?

If we enter the wallet address incorrectly, because there is no such address in the network, the transaction will be faced with an error and no transfer will occur. But if the wallet address is incorrectly owned by someone else and the address is valid, the transfer will be successful and the transfer will be credited to someone else’s account. Under this condition, there is no way to restore the transfer amount, and the only way possible is that the receiver returns the amount.


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