WebMoney payment service offers different levels accounts for its users. Your account is Alias when you create your WebMoney account on its website. In this type of accounts, you will face some limitations when using WebMoney services. To upgrade WebMoney account, you must submit your credentials and we will continue to teach you how you can do that to upgrade your account to Formal.

Benefits of upgrading your WebMoney account to Formal Passport

After you upgrade your WebMoney account to Formal Passport, you will have the following features, which are part of the most important features of this service.

  • Increasing Wallet Balance through wire transfer, post orders, or cash through WebMoney service providers.
  • Withdraw funds through bank wire or WebMoney service providers.
  • Use the cards.wmtransfer.com service, which allows you to link any type of Visa and MasterCard for withdrawing from WMZ wallets.
  • Using banks.webmoney.ru service that allows you to link WMID bank cards and bank accounts to other payment systems.
  • Using payments.webmoney.ru services that allows you to make payments to companies located in Russia or in Russia’s state-owned structures.
  • Use the Merchant WebMoney Transfer Merchant to request and receive a payment gateway.
  • Using currency exchange services: wire.exchanger.ru, p2p.exchanger.ru, sdp.exchanger.ru, emoney.exchanger.ru.

Steps to upgrade WebMoney account

To upgrade your WebMoney account to Formal Passport, go to the Account Verification Center page, enter your WebMoney account details and click Continue.

webmoney formal passport

Then set your personal information.


Once you have entered your personal information, you will be asked to confirm this information by uploading a scan (copy) of an identification card, which contains your name, date of birth and issue date.

formal passport

webmoney formal passport

The process of issuing a Formal Passport yo upgrade WebMoney account is free of charge and it is only necessary to upload your personal passport information along with your passport copy.

Here is what you need to do if your request is rejected

If you received a message that you did not provide enough information after submitting your documents, follow these steps:

  • Create a Ticket in the WM-Passport Service.
  • Place the additional check for the title of the ticket.
  • Type your WMID in the body of your ticket.
  • Write your reason for upgrading to Formal Passport.
  • Attach a photo of yourself holding your passport next to your face.
  • Wait for a call from WebMoney to confirm your information.

I hope you found this tutorial article useful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section.


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