In case you are dealing with cryptocurrencies transactions daily and you are looking for a secure wallet, then Coinomi can be a considerable choice for you. Coinomi wallet is available on mobile platforms both Android and iOS, and also on Windows, Linux and Mac. Coinomi wallet has got many advantages and features fits a mobile wallet. The wallet is exclusively designed for people who wanted to store their digital assets on a single platform that provide support for wide range of cryptocurrencies on the market. But what has made it so popular and convince more people to use Coinomi wallet as primary wallet is high level of security and privacy available on this platform. The company uses many methods and algorithm in order to improve users security and let them go through private transactions fast and easy. Once you have set up and opened it you are ready to use Coinomi wallet in order to send and receive payments in any of the cryptocurrencies that Coinomi supports.

How to use Coinomi wallet to receive payment?

use coinomi wallet
receive payments

You can receive coins directly in your wallet from any one by following the instruction below step by step.

  1. Launch the wallet app.
  2. Tap on the left corner and open the menu.
  3. Tap on the coins that you have added to wallet.
  4. Your address then will be appeared.
  5. Copy the address and share it with the person that you want to receive payment from.
  6. You also can use the address for receiving coins from exchange as well.

How to use Coinomi wallet to make payment?

use coinomi wallet
make payments

As well as other cryptocurrency wallets you can send coins to anyone through Coinomi wallet too. In order to do so follow the instruction below step by step.

  1. Launch the wallet app.
  2. Tap on the left corner and open menu.
  3. Select the currency type that you want to send and tap the send button then.
  4. Enter the recipient address.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Double check the address and the amount you want to send in order to make sure it is correct and then tap on send.

Coinomi also supports cross-chain payments. Using this feature would enable users to make a payment directly from any of the supported currencies to bitcoin wallet directly with no intermediate steps and instruction.

Coinomi wallet has provided an option for users to create an address book by naming addresses that are generated in your receive or send section of your wallet. As soon as you rename your addresses and create your own address book then you can simply type the address’ name on the recipient address field. You just type the name that have set earlier but the full address would automatically be entered in the field in order to make the payment. In order to create Coinomi address book follow the steps below.

  1. Just click on the address you want to rename from the receive tab or send tab transaction history.
  2. Press the ‘pencil’ icon.
  3. Choose a name for any particular address.

Keep in mind that once you have done it your transaction history will show the name that you have set instead of the address. This is so useful for people who make lots of transactions daily since it makes the history more organized. 

How to add coins to Coinomi wallet?

use coinomi
Add coins to wallet

When you want to set up Coinomi wallet you must choose coins that you want to use in your wallet in the set up process. But what if after a while you want to add more coins into your wallet? Here is how to do it step by step.

  1. Launch the wallet app.
  2. Tap on the left corner and open the menu.
  3. Tap on +Coin option.
  4. Select the coins that you want to add to your wallet.

How to use Coinomi wallet to exchange coins?

use coinomi exchange
Exchange coins directly in the wallet

Instant exchange is one of the greatest features of Coinomi wallet. You can go through exchange of cryptocurrency on Coinomi any time you wish since the platform is integrated with ShapeShift and Changelly to make fast exchanges available for its users. So in case you have a supported cryptocurrency in Coinomi and you want to exchange it to another follow the instruction below step by step.

  1. Launch the wallet app.
  2. Tap on the left corner and open menu.
  3. Select one of the two exchanges that Coinomi supports as you wish, Shapeshift or Changelly.

How to use Coinomi wallet to check the balance?

You can always check your wallet balance through the balance tap in the menu. In balance users are able to check all transaction activities with details.

How safe it is to use Coinomi wallet?

use coinomi safely
it is safe to use coinomi wallet

Coinomi wallet is so popular among users for providing strong encryption and privacy techniques and has a high level of wallet security. Coinomi is an HD wallet this means the company uses a Hierarchical Deterministic algorithm to create a seed phrase for any particular wallet. The seed phrase is a series of seemingly random words that is set as an extra layer of security to your account. So no one can access your wallet without your seed phrase this is why it is very important to use high level of security for generating it. The seed phrase also is protecting your security in case your device getting lost or stolen you can retrieve your wallet on another device using the seed phrase.

On the other hand coinoimi wallet accounts are password protected. It means in case you want to use your Coinomi wallet to make transactions you need to enter your password first. This is helpful when you lose your device or someone steal it, as long as your Coinomi wallet password is not available to others no one will be able to access your funds.

Coinomi wallet also generates a new wallet address for each transaction. This will let user benefit from privacy through receiving payments by making it harder to link a series of transactions to a single address.

Coinomi wallet uses anonymising IP addresses through their servers in order to keep uses identity secure. This protects your personal information and transaction details from any one even government and tracking technologies used by them.

Frequent questions and answers

use coinomi faq
Does Coinomi wallet log my activity in their servers?

No, nothing about you and your activities is stored on Coinomi servers. You can experience full privacy using this wallet.

Can I transfer Coinomi wallet balance to bank account?

You can always withdraw any cryptocurrency to your bank account. In order to do so you should use your account in exchange system that works with your bank, then you should transfer your coins to be sold there and transferred to your bank account.

How to fix No Connection error using Coinomi wallet?

“No Connection” error would appear when Coinomi is unable to communicate with the servers. You do not need to be worried about your coins safety and how they are displayed in the app. Your coins are perfectly safe. To solve the issue make sure you are using the latest version of Coinomi on your device. Then try resetting your device internet connection and make sure your internet signal is working properly. In case you are ok with these select “Resynchronize” from the wallet menu and let the wallet reconnect and update its state. You can try this option couple of time within two minutes break. Be careful not to tap on it over and over with no break since the wallet would consider your action as spam using anti-spam measures. This can solve the issue immediately unless you are trying in busy days so you will have to try a couple times to work as you wish. If you still could not make the message disappear clear your app cash on your device setting and restart your device. You can also delete the app and then recover it on the same device or on another device using your recovery seed phrase.

Why Coinomi transaction does not appear in the destination?

If you sent funds to an address whether it is another wallet or exchange, but they have not shown up at the destination your transaction may not have been confirmed yet. So you need to be patient. In case you are sure that the transaction has confirmed make sure that you have waited a sufficient amount of time for your transaction to show up. If your transaction still does not show at the destination wallet or exchange after performing all these it is not up to coinmi wallet since the wallet has done its job so you should contact the support team for the wallet or exchange you sent to and ask to solve your issue.

Can I request for supporting a coin in coinomi wallet?

If you intend to store a Token or coin in your Coinomi wallet while that is not supported in this wallet, you can request support for it and add your own token. Of course, you should keep in mind that at present, this method is only effective for tokens that use the ERC20 standard.

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