Visa card is a payment system where you can buy and use thousands of online and physical online shops that accept Visa cards. For example, if you intend to participate in an international test such as TOEFL or IELTS, you must be able to use an international payment method to register and pay for registration fees. Even many websites that offer free services to their users for a short time will require you to enter a valid credit card to register and receive services. In this tutorial, we try to provide accurate and complete information about the Visa Card and its differences with other payment systems such as MasterCard.

What is Visa Card?

visa card

Answering the question of what Visa is, the company itself has responded.

We provide a global payment system to streamline transactions between different entities and people.

The company started its business in 1956 in the state of California for the first time and now has branches worldwide and in many countries (more than 140 countries) and is a multinational corporation.

Whether you have an online or physical business or you are a regular user who is willing to pay a fee to an individual or institution, you can use the Visa payment system. Types of Visa Cards include Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Prepaid Cards.

What is Visa Card used for?

Generally, Visa payment system can be used for different purposes which can be one of the followings.


  • In-store purchases in physical stores via Point of Sale (POS) devices
  • Receiving cash via ATM
  • Pay online at the store websites to buy a product or service
  • Transferring funds for other people (friends, family, etc.)

There are times when you want to buy a service or product but having direct physical access to the store is not possible for you. In this case, your Visa card allows you to transfer the amount to the seller in less than a few minutes.

Visa is a universal payment system in the sense that no matter where the card issuer is, you can buy from thousands of merchants and use their services as long as you have your Visa Card.

What are the different types of Visa Cards and what are their features?

visa card

Here is an explanation of all different types of Visa card and what features each of them offer.

Visa Credit Card

A Visa Credit card is given to people who have a good financial record and whose turnover is guaranteed. The most important feature of using Visa Credit Card is that you can have a negative balance. This means that even if you do not have money in your card, you can still buy up to a certain limit.

Of course, such services will not be provided by Visa without charge and expenses, and this company will deduct the negative withdrawal from your account at the due date. The longer it takes that you pay for your negative balance, the more you will need to pay.

Visa Debit Card

The most important difference between a  Visa Debit Card and a Visa Credit Card is that you can’t buy more than your account balance with your debit card as you can do with your credit card.

There are many reasons why some people might choose Visa over other payment system. If you make a comparison with other cards, you can of course make a better choice. For example, differences and similarities between Visa and MasterCard can help you to decide which payment system is a better option for your needs.

Prepaid Visa Card

Prepaid cards are just like a debit card, except that you do not need to open an account to get prepaid cards. In fact, there is virtually no account and you only deal with a bank card. In this case, there is no way to transfer money from an account to prepaid card. You can only buy with your prepaid account to the amount that it has been charged.

Prepaid cards are divided into two categories of “reloadable” and “Gift Cards”.

You can easily understand its application and mechanism by name of gift card. But as a brief explanation, these cards have a certain amount of money in their possession and can not be recharged in any way, and you can not re-use these cards. Gift cards are extremely handy, however, before you buy a gift card, make sure that the website welcomes the card as a payment method.

What is the difference between a physical and virtual Visa card?

In addition to the categories we mentioned earlier, Visa Card is divided into two broad categories in terms of its structure. Visa Physical Card is a card like a bank card with a 16-digit number, an expiration date, and a three-digit CVV2 code. You require all of them to perform an internet transaction. With a physical Visa Card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs in your foreign travels or buy in a physical store via a POS device.

However, a virtual Visa Card only contains a series of information for conducting Internet transactions, and there is no physical card available. This type of card is suitable for people who wants to do online shopping or transfer funds via the internet.


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