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Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program. The service is designed to broadcast business’s ads across the Google searching platform. To know what is Google AdWords you need to know what does this advertising system do? Google AdWords provides users and advertisers the possibility to bid on specific keywords related to product or service they are offering in order to have their clickable ads appear in Google’s search results. Instead Google gets the chance to make money by advertisers paying for generated clicks.

On the other hand Google AdWords provide AdSense programs for website owners and publishers and get them to post business’s ads on their platform in order to generate clicks. This would allow publishers to make money online for each click and interaction that they make through Google AdSense program.

How does Google AdWords work?

google adwords
how does it work?

With growth of using internet by almost all people around the world every day the importance of online advertising has been increasing considerably. Google AdWords works in the way that each time any person use Google to search something related to the particular business’ products or services, Google AdWords program would manage to display that business’s ads on top of the results.

How is Google AdWords useful?

Google AdWords can help your business to attract potential customers and this would lead to sale increasing in. The program enables you to reach your target audience at the proper time. It means that you have the chance to show your business ads to potential customers at the right time when they are searching relevant phrase and subjects. By this you are able to increase your chances of attracting potential customers and turn them to paying clients.

Google AdWords fees

google adwords fees
google adwords fees

Google AdWords is known to be a cost-efficient advertising service. In case you intend to use its programs you only need to pay once potential customers click on your website’s link or contact your company. You do not need to make a lot of investment on advertising while you do not know whether you would be able to make profit out of it or not. All Google AdWords users can start with their desired budget. The program enables you to invest only the amount that you are able to carry even if it is too low. You do not need to be worried since Google AdWords comes with a flexible pricing plan for small and big businesses and producers. Once you go through the service programs available for users you will know many factors can affect the costs of AdWords advertising for your business and then it is up to you to find the best program that fits you. What you actually spend on Google AdWords programs will depend on a lot of factors in the bidding system, including the ones mentioned below.

  • The particular keywords you choose for your ads.
  • How much competition you have in the network in that specific time or niche that your business needs advertising in.
  • What you are bidding.

Generally Google AdWords can be assumed a little expensive for you especially if you are having business in a highly competitive niche while there are many competitors advertising for products or services with same purpose as your business. But considering what Google AdWords is, a well designed, optimized advertising system with many useful programs it worth the investing and spending money since you will get to the promotion that you want.

What is Google AdWords CPC?

Google AdWords fees as mentioned earlier depends on many different factors. Google AdWords CPC refers to cost per click. It means that advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their AdWords ad an amount of money to Google AdWords. Your CPC is determined by the considering your ads keywords, your maximum bids, and your Quality Scores. Different keywords have different costs according to popularity and trends.

Google AdWords ads format

google adwords ads
ads format

AdWords provides its user with variety of ads formats to choose the best format that fits their goals and business’s products or services. Here is a list of available ads formats.

Text Ads: As it can be understood from the name this ads formatting contains 2 headlines of 30 characters while each of them can have description of 80 characters.

Image Ads: This type of ads formatting is referring to any graphic ads using images, gifs, etc.

Responsive Ads: Using this type of ads formatting you do not need to be worried about your potential customers devices when they are viewing your ads. This formatting would automatically adjusts the depending on the available space. By the mean if people are viwing your ads through mobile phones, tablets or PC your ads are displaying accurately. It also considers internet speed of the user who is viewing the add in order to provide faster loading if needed.

Shopping Ads: This ad format is very useful for big businesses and products producers. The format contains the image of the product, title, price, producer name, store name and any other necessary information.

Call only Ads: This formatting is designed where you want your customers to go through phone calls directly once they click on your company ads. When a user clicks on this kind of ad, the call is connected to your business without loading any other website page. The option is available only to devices that have the ability to make calls of course.


google adwords conclusion
final words

Google AdWords can be a big investment that provide your business a big chance of promotion and sale increase. Using this advertising system you can make sure your ads is going to be displayed to potential customers whenever anyone is for products like yours. This advertising system has a lot to gain from using it, while it does not matter how much budget you can spend on its programs. Google AdWords is currently the largest online advertising network, so by ignoring it you are missing out a huge number of potential customers. So now that you know what is Google AdWords and how it can benefits your business you may want to consider starting to use it.

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