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Usage of internet for different purposes is growing significantly these days. Many people all around the world go through online jobs and make money through them every day. Among many freelancing jobs and platform available on the internet you may have heard Upwork name. But what is Upwork? Upwork is one of the biggest and most popular freelancing website. Freelancers from anywhere around the world with any skill or expertise are able to sign up and create a profile that highlights their skills. Clients of Upwork are business owners, startup people, entrepreneurs and anyone who needs to employ someone for different post jobs. Upwork would enable clients who need help getting a job done and on the other hand freelancers who need to apply for a job through its platform. This site allows you to insert the project and receive projects in a working round. Upwork is a new version of Odesk. Odesk, like Elance, is a global freelance market service that serves as a platform for communication between employers and freelancers or independent and remote specialists.

One of the most important features of this platform is paying attention to your minimum income. By the mean Upwork enables you as a freelancer to set the minimum amount of your demanding payment for each hour of work before you start getting a job on the platform. This would help you get your desired job faster.


what is upwork
how popular it is

In a world where people are connected with the help of the Internet, participating in projects that are miles away from us is not very strange. There are many online platforms that are designed to link employees and employers through the Internet.

One of this style of work platforms as mentioned earlier is the upwork site that allows you to earn currency by getting jobs online. Millions of people annually get their favorite jobs with this system. 12 million freelancers and 5 million customers registered on this site. An average of three million jobs are registered annually, with over 1 billion dolor payments, which has made the upwork platform the largest freelancer market. The website is popular enough that you be sure that you can get to your desired job faster than you think while there are many businesses ready to have interview with you and hire the best fit. The platform enables you to have chat or video call, share files, and track project from your account.

How does Upwork work?

what is upwork
how does it work

Business owners would have the possibility to tell Upwork about their project. On the other hand people with different skills all around the world would apply for relevant jobs to their expertise. Then it comes to Upwork that would connect project owners and businesses with top talent around the world that have applied for similar jobs. There are hundreds of jobs available to choose from Upwork. Upwork lists jobs in different categories including Web, Mobile and Software, Designing, Admin Support, IT and Networking, Writing, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Translation and many other jobs that can be done online. So you do not have to be worried while whatever you are good at you can find a job for yourself.


At the first place it is free to join Upwork but in case you find a job or you employ someone it would charge you fees. By the mean Upwork charges every freelancer and project owner a service fee.

As a freelancer you must pay a percentage of your earnings to platform as service fee when a client pays you for any project. The service fee is not constant and it is going to be changed depending on your billings with each client over the time. This means that the service fee you have to give away to website would reduce as you keep earning more from each client over the time. At first only freelancers had to pay fees but later Upwork platform decided to charge the client posting the job and the freelancer getting it both. For clients that are hiring freelancers for doing different jobs they provide, the company charges small percentages around 3% for processing fee per payment transaction.

How do you get paid on Upwork?

upwork payments

The type of payment that you receive as a freelancer depends on your contract. There are two types of contracts on Upwork that you can go through them. It is hourly contract where you can make money for each hour of working and fixed price contract that you receive payment for each project that gets completed.

In case you use hourly contract you must make sure that every time you work on the particular project the time worked is recorded on your work diary on Monday to Friday. Then at the end of the week the client has 5 days to dispute your time recorded. In case there are no disputes the money that you received will be moved to your Upwork account. The funds will be ready for withdrawal after a few days.

You can choose to withdraw your money then from Upwork account whenever you want. You can transfer the money to your bank account or PayPal. The methods of withdrawal will depend on your country.


These days many companies are finding it profitable to hire freelancers through online platforms. There are many freelancers and remote workers on Upwork platform that enables business to hire the best fits and on the other hand enables freelancers to get the best job according to their skills. Once you know what is Upwork and how it works you will know how the marketplaces is allowing easy and efficient connection between clients and freelancers.

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