Either you want to avoid the crowd or you want to find a cheap deal easily, there are many reasons why online shopping can be a better option for you in comparison to traditional shopping. Internet is not just a place for entertainment or having fun with friends. It is also a place to shop for almost anything. Online shopping has now become more prominent and accessible than before and there is no doubt that it is here to stay.

While many people would rather sit back at their desks and browse online stores, others do not want to feel like a slave to the modern world and would like to stick to the traditional form of shopping.

Either you are a fan of shopping online away from all the hassles of the outside world or you think the joy of shopping is when you are present at the store, this article may change your mind about your preferences.

Here, I have gathered a number of pros and cons of online and traditional shopping which can help you come to a better understanding of what you are going to have or what you are going to lose if you stick to any of these shopping methods.

Why Traditional shopping

Although online shopping brings about convenience and saves us a lot of time, there are still a lot of people who would rather visit the shops personally, see the material from close and try it on before they buy it.

In fact, for many of us, the joy of shopping lies in going from one shop to another to find what we need. So, here are a number of advantages and disadvantages of traditional shopping you need to consider.

Advantages of traditional shopping

Here are some of advantages why traditional shopping can be a great choice:

  • You can try on the clothes you want to buy
  • You can see the item and check its material before you buy it
  • The product is available instantly after you pay for it
  • You can know exactly where he product comes from

Disadvantages of traditional shopping

Here are some disadvantages why traditional shopping can create problems:

  • You lose a lot of time and energy
  • Making the right choice by comparing the items is very difficult, because you have to go from one shop to another
  • You may forget the price of an item you have seen in a previous shop, so you can’t compare the items
  • Waiting for an empty dressing room to try on the clothes can be exhaustive
  • You must carry all the bags home which can be very difficult

Why Online shopping

If you are a shopper who would want to expand your choices, the fact that there are an infinite number of online shops can be a reason why online shopping is a great choice. Online stores are highly competitive, that is why finding cheap deals is much more easier when you shop online. Also, many online stores offer no shipping charges and do not pass on sales tax to customers. This can help online shoppers to save up a large amount when compared to traditional shopping.

Advantages of online shopping

Here are some of advantages why online shopping can be a great choice:

  • You will save a lot of time, energy, and money that you should of spent on gas, traffic and finding a parking space when you do traditional shopping
  • Comparing two items, especially their price, is much easier when you shop online
  • Shoppers have a wider choice as they can choose from a variety of colors, sizes and designs
  • Stores are almost never closed and you can shop whenever you want
  • You can shop for the same item that you have seen in the local shop but for less money
  • You can send gift cards to your loved ones
  • It’s easy to access consumer reviews. Not sure you want to buy something? Look at the reviews from other customers to help you make the decision
  • Online stores would like to keep you as their customers. So they might offer discounts and rewards if you sign up for their newsletter

Disadvantages of online shopping

Here are some disadvantages why online shopping can create problems:

  • You can see the product physically and try it on
  • You will not be able to negotiate the price as you are able to do in local stores
  • Privacy and security are always a great concern for online shoppers. using popular payment gateways such as PayPal radically decrease the risks, however, shoppers need to be extra cautious when they are making an online payment
  • There is the possibility of not receiving the order because of wrong address for example
  • Sometimes, you may need to pay a higher price for shopping

Bottom line

There is nothing quite as convenient as ordering something online. You will be able to save money and frustration by reading and learning about the policies on an online stores. Sometimes, there are some hidden charges that you might not be aware of such as restocking free. These hidden charges are sometimes the reason why online shopping can end up to be more expensive than shopping from the local store.

Also, it usually takes a longer time to ship an item and send it to your door in comparison to when you get the item from a local store. This is the most significant factor that shoppers consider when they want to choose between traditional or online shopping.

In addition, the return policies on some online stores may cost you charges even if the product arrives with a defect. So, if you are uncertain about a product you are buying online, reading the return policy may change your mind and you may decide to buy that item from the local shop instead.

Finally, whether you are shopping online or you personally want to go to the high street market, it is always a great idea to compare different items and their prices before you make the purchase. This way, you will never need to go through the exhausting return process because the item you have bought is not what you wanted.


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